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It is not a remarkable fact that the pap...

It is not a remarkable fact that the pap... image
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It is not a remarkable fact that the papers of large circulation in this country are democratie papers ? In nearly every section of the country, the democratie press is in the lead in circulation. The Ann Arbor Register had a candidate for mayor last spring. It worked for him in season and out of season. He was elected, probably not by the Register's exertions, but that paper took the whole credit of it. The months have rolled around and now the Register expresses itself as if not satisfied with the mayor it worked so hard to elect. This shows the opinión it has of its own foresight. The Detroit democracy have made must excellent nominations this year and deserve to win a big victory. Levi T. Griffin will take high rank at once in Congress and Marshall P. Godfrey will, if elected, give Detroit one of the best business administrations it ever had. It will no longer be necessary to sell her bonds at less than par, as has been done this week. Mayor Pingree has made a spectacular mayor. He has started more visionary schemes than any man who was ever elected mayor of any city. Like all visionary schemes, they have appeared well on paper, but none have been pushed to completion. Our friends of the Courier own up to the truth when in speaking of the increased state taxes, they say, "This shows an advance of a considerable over last year, made in part by the advancement of salaries." But they strive to cover this up by adding "and in part by the extra allöwance made for the World's Fair exhibit." The truth is that there was raised in this county last year for the World's Fair $1,371.68 and this year only $685.83, or $686.82 less than last year. If the Courier had left off the clause referring to the World's Fair, it would have hit the nail on the head.


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