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The Queen Of Sheba

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llliea comes to the Detroit next Monday. Her new play "Queen of Sheba," has passed through the experimental etage, and is beiieved to be one of the greatest successes of the year. A writer on theatrical topics vvhose utteranees are generally conservative, has this to say: "fihea is the central figure, but around her revolve lesser lights who are stars of goodly magnitude. The play is grand, the theme noble and the tone elevating. It is a daring innovation to construct a play upon a biblical subject and make itacceptable to the general public, but in this instance, with anoblelove as the foundation, the author has struck the keynote of popular approval, and the result is satisfactory. From the beginning to the end the auditor is spell-bound. Rhea is superb and in the conception of her role every inch a queen. lier costumes are magnificent and striking, and in many stirring situations and climaxes her power asan actor is shown to the greatest advantage. The play is staged beautifully; the costuming is haudsome: the lines breathe an oct. mu.


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