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"mon Dieu, Mais Il Tres Gros."

"mon Dieu, Mais Il Tres Gros." image
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An amusing incident occured on the occasion of tbe final dress rehearsal of "The Queen of Sheba." Anadvertisement liad been inserted in a Hartford paper for supers aud some of the Trinity College seniors decided to avail thetnselves of the opportunity to appear in the 'T3nks of the philistines." One of these seniors was a man of herculean bu ld, being considerably over six feet in height and weighing 269 pounds. As the philistines were about to make their entrance the stage manager called a halt to speak to the musical director. At this moment the chief of the philistines stood in the door, his gigantic form blocking the way and obscuring the rest of the army, who were consequently invisible íiora the throne occnpied by the Queen of Sheba. Khea looked toward the army and then turned to the stage manager witb an expression of puzzled appeal. The chief of the philistines was commanded to stand aside, when the others, who were only ordinary sized six footers, were revealed to the queen, who thereupon exclaimed in French with an accent of relief, "Mon Dieu, mais il est tres gros- tres gros.'"


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