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It is estimated that fnlly 10 per cent of the popuhition of Mount Pleasant have afctendecf the world's fair. Frank Chigum, the Indian who broke jail at Mount Peasftnt a few days ago, has been captured and is doing 30 days' time for his misdeeds Croswell's enterprising citizens have raised a bonus for a plow works at that place. The factory is being built, and is expected to be running inside of 60 days. In July the voters of Carsonville decided to bond the town for watervvorks. Now the council thinks it will cost too rauch, and has deeided to purchase. a chemical eugine instead for fire protection. The Nester estáte is constructing a railroad from Sidnaw, a station on the Dtiluth and South Shore, to ÍSturgeon river, where there is a considerable traet of pine that has heretofore been considered almost inaccessible. Saturday. Ofct. 7. B. Julius' korse ran away .at Vicksburg, threw his son, Carleton, out of the buggy and oue wheel passed over tbe boy, faut broke no boues. The fourth annual convention of the Third District Sunday School association, enibrucing the counfies of Jaeksou, Calhoim, Branca and Hillsdale, will be held at Union City Thursday and Friday, October 2(i and 27. Five Northern Spy apples from the farm of Thomas Walton, at Arlington, Van Buren couiity, have been sent to the Michigan exhibit at the world's fair. Each of them is over a foot in circumference, the total for the five being five feet and tivo inches. Monda;, Oct. 9. The old grist'niill at Duplain, a landmark for yeüis. has gone the way of all 8moke. Tranips. Appies are being shipped out of the village of 15ear Iake at the rate of 100 barrels per day. The circuit court for Sanilac county has been in progress for two weeks and tlius far only two criminal cases have been tried. Otsego has got tired of the saloon that lurks in dark corners and secret places and has licensed two of them unaer heavy bonds. A Morrestotvn man who was out of beef has gqt into trouble because he accidenta ally Killed one of hta neighbor's steers inetead of one of his own. . Ttiesday, Oct. 10. Gogebic comityhavingadoptcd the county road systeni at a recent election, wil] now hold another election to elect live commissioners, as required by law. The annual convention of the State Sabbath School association vrill be held at Hillsdale Nov. 14, 15 and 16. Each school is entitled to two delegates, each township to three and each district to five. An amygdaloid vein of very fine copper has been discovered in the Porcupine mountain district, overhung with gray trap and only three or four feet from the Burfacc. Stamp loles have been found in that neighborhood before, but tbis is the first find of heavy copper. Muskegon's new conrthouse was infornially dedicated Monday by the board of supervisors holding their October meeting in the building. S. J. Osgoodof Grand Rapids, read his address to the board, describing the building from his standpoint and complimenting the county upon lts new building. The structure is of Portege Entry redstone and Marquette stone and is flreproof. Wednesday, Oct. 11. The proposition to bond Montmoreney eounty tor $10,000 to build a courthouse was defeated by a majority of 94. Bishop Richter of Grand Rapids confirmed a class of 5 at St. Joseph's church at Kast Tawas Tuesday. Black bears are numerous in the woods around Clare, and severa! have been shot lately while prowling about houses at night. Coldwater peopie are talking of conetructing a regnfation mile track, and a meeting to consider the project will be held Oct. 34. Some time ago the peopie of Houghton voted to extend the waterworks system to Kast and West Houghton, and work will be bt'Ruu immediately in order to have it completed before cold weather. Several bones of a human skeleton were uneartbed at a depth of 12 feet by laborers who were digging iu the gravel pit at Fenton. Nearthe l)ones was founda keystone, or pocket piece, on which were legibly engraved various emblems and the date 1790. Thursday, Oct. 12. Men to wnrk in the woods in Montmorencv couiity are ver}7 searce and very mne'h wantea at present. Hugh Koss died at Carleton Wednesday morninfí at the aae of 86. He had resided in Monroe covmty 70 years. A farmband in Coloma, robbed the woman for whora he was working of $300 Sunday night and has not been seen since. . An Ironwood sportsman who has been shooting and fishiitti? on Presque Isle river shot two beavers, the largest weighing 70 poli n ds. F. E. Vanderhnof's stock of groceries was sold on a chattel mortgage at Coldwater and George Conger will continue the business. A clothing firm at Ironwood recently closed its doors, but some thieves reopened one in the rear and stole the entire stock of goods, not hing being left but odds and ends.


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