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Wheat- Xo. 2 red. 3c; December, tf%c: May, 74c; No. 3 rêi, 61c: No. 1 white, tílíc. Cohn- Xo. 2, mixed, 41,Yc; No. 2, vellow, 42}Lc. ÜATS- No. 2 white. 31Mc. " Cïiiciifyo Provisión. WmSAT - Ch, 65J(s65%c; Dceember, 663L@66Mc; May, 73Jc." Corn- Lower; cash, 38%c; December, 88%c; May, 42%g42%c. Oats- Kasy; cash, 27 c December, 28%c; May, ■%(n:iV,c. Pork- Cash, lfi 00; Janvtary, ÍH 30. IiARD- Easy; cash. Í9 35; January, $8 +9. KlBS- cash, $8 50; January, ?7 47X. Bte - Easy, 44c. Fi.axskkd- Fina, tl 05. Timothy- Slow, 3 5Ofr3 &5. Chicsso Uvestock. Cattle- Iteceipts, 1tt,000, which includes 1,500 Texans and 4,501) westerns; top steers, tñ 'ñC'iJ 50; medium lower at 5 00@5 15; otliers. $4 50(o4 80. Hoos- Receipts, 21,000; rough, $a 00a 6 10; mixed, .ffi 5@ö 45; heavy, Í6 50@6 7S lijílii. Vi 50@6 70. SHEEP AND LAMJB8 - Receipts, 15,000; top natives and westerns, 8 00@ö50; top lambs, 14 00@4 50. New York (.ijiiii. December, 73 5-lGc; May, 79J@ 80c. Hyjj - J)ull; western, lioatloads, 53(g54o. COKN - QnÏPt; No. 2 December, iS'd-16(a 4S%c; May, Í9%@BO%C. Oats- Xo. 2 western, 36@39c; fairly active, but st -.dy; December, '-i4X(áfic; My, 36ié3i.c. Toledo. Wheat- St-ady; No 2, cash, 64c; October, H%c D ember, 67c; May, 75c. COBN- ÓuL, firmer; No. 2, cash, 42c. OATS- Quicf; cash, 29c. RTK- Buil; cash, 48c. Clovekseed- Steady; prime, cash and October, Í5 4"): January, Í5 70.


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