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An Aged Lady Drowned

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Sagina w, Oct. 9. - Some boys while walking along the shore of Emerson bayou. where a nnmber of the most aristocratie homes of the city are erected in the Washington avenue grove, discvered the body of an aged lady, Mrs. Plioebe R. Bush, mother of Mrs. W. H. Clark, who owns the mansion where the old lady has lived with her for many years. The body was found lyinL ice downward, the head and body suomerged to the waist, the feet nearly touching the bank. She was alone at home, her daughter being at the world'sfair, and the presumption is she went to the bayou to feed the ohickens and in some manner stumbled .nd feil into the water. The militiá" of the" Üñited" States ag-gregates 112,496 men. Every state and territory in the unión has an organized militia except the territory of Utah. Samuel Harmon of Fox Hill, Pa., claims that he lias eaten in the last twenty years 3.6"0 pies. His recular consumption has been half a pie ditily. He declares that he has never experienced theslightestattack of dj-spepsia.


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