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If the Leader lieth not, strawberries are still getting ripe in Milan, just as though the snow banks of winter were not already in sight. William Gunn, of Washtenaw, charged with stealing from freight cars, has been " fired " into the penitentiary. He went off last week. -■- The hüred man of Arthur Hopkins, of Milan shot him in the foot the other day. A hired man with an aim like that ïsn't worth over $10 a month. The conscienceless coal dealer has been getting in his nefarious extortion' at Ann Arbor. He has reduced the price from $7 to $6.50. Affidavits are on file. The rivalry among the Milan hotels is so fierce, that each novv runs a free bus to the trains, and the dirt, right and left o'er pedestrians is hurled. Milan, indeed, makes a noise in the world. The Ypsilantian, discussing fruits, notes that " preserves are comipg into fashion again." Strange, but the same idea struck us when viewingthe mummies of the Cliff Dwellers, at the world 's fair. While hanging out clothes the other day, an Ann Arbor woman was hung up on the line by her diamond ring and had the finger badly lacerated. This should prove a warning to laundry girls. Louis J. Liesemer, a well known Germán editor, will conduct the Ann Arbor Democrat for one year. Miss Bower has her bonnet so full of 'Bees as great record keeper, that she had to let go of something. The editor of the Dexter Leader, has had wood stolen from him. The insinuating Argüí, of Ann Arbor, sees nothing strange about this, except that the editor had a wood pile. It aint right to make such flings. C. S. Alexander, of Webster, sued his father for L5,000 wages, he claimed the old man owed. He recovered $260. The drop from $5,000 to $260 made him feel as though he had fallen from the Ferris wheel. A Manchester dentist has discovered and placed on sale a dental polish that is warranted to take the hair off the teeth with the first application. As the undertaker said of his coffins: "Try mine and you will use no other." # V It is true that H. McCann, of Ann Arbor town, aged 87 years, recently cut in three days 2 acres of corn; but the rumor that he attended a husking bee and danced every other set till morning has been traced up and found to be false. The Ypsilanti Commercial isabusing North Dakota " like a piek pocket," for having a September snow storm, chilling the air and bring a tomato killing frost upon Ypsilanti. Smithe, however, never didbelieve much in state rights. The University city has been sued for damages, by Mrs. Mary Kinnie, who alleges that a hole in the sidewalk swallowed up a large part of one of her most valuable limbs, towit, of the value of $5,000. The case is docketed for the present term. The other day at Ann Arbor 3,000 pounds of sewer pipe dropped upon George Key's foot, and just as soon as he found it out he began to lose his temper. He declared no city could put a sewer through his pedal extremity without first getting his right of way, b'gosh! # It required the united strength of fourteen of the swellist young men of Ypsilanti, to organize the Andulescentis club, and when they got it organized they were all "tuckered out." So will be their pocketbooks in the spring. The - the - (see above) club will give dancing parties. Everybody in Ann Arbor hopes that the electric railway scheme connecting Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Saline, Tecumseh, Adrián, etc., may be a success. - Courier. There is a feeling of the same kind out this way, accompanied by the restless apprehension that all there is to the scheme is purely pneumatic. # The attendance at the state Normal, this year is large and the roster shows a robbery of both the eradle and the grave, the students ranging in age from four years to gray hairs. One of the beauties of the Amerioan people is that they are never too oíd to learn though their heads blossom with the silvery fiowers of mortality - such as are not bafdheaded. The farmers' vigila nee association of Ypsilanti, Augusta, York and Pittsfield, went nearly crazy witli joy last week, when a horse thief was captured, partially through the efforts of the association. The society has been organi.ed twenty-five years and at last a horse stealer gracés its triumph. Is it any won; der that members feit like going out and taking about "three fingers." The speech of Mrs. Eliza Sunderland, of Arm Arbor, at the World's Fair the other day, in the congress of religions, was highly complimented by the Chicago Tribune, which terms her the orator of the day, and says she displayed great depth of scholarship, her expression forcible, and her voice clear and distinct. Mrs. Sunderland is entitled to be proud, and we are proud of her, because she belongs to this congressronal district, whether it is politics or religión. Ex-Gov. Alpheus Felch, of Anri Arbor, reached his Scjth year, Thursday of last week. The clean conscienced old governor is still robust and hale. He was a statesmen in the U. S. senate, when many of the present members of that now degenerate body were "mewling and puking in their nurses arms" anci will never behold the day when they will be called statesmen. Long Iife to the good old Gov. Felch ! The Argus epitomizes his political career thus: A mernber of the state legislature at the age of 31, ati honest bank commissioner at the age of 34, auditor general at the age of 38 and in the same year, judge of the supreme court, governor of Michigan at the age of 41, senator of the United States at the age of 43, he retired from active politics at an age when many men are just beginning to achieve prominence. The Ann Arbor Register, which is in the throes of legal colic, with its corporate head in chancery, still manages to issue itself, and in the last number S. A. Moran files his answer to sundry, various, divers, and multiform charges of rascality and irregularities made against him by other stockholders of the concern. As each party charges the other with open theft, there must be some lying or large immorality loose in, around and about the said premises as aforesaid, in this, that the said aforementioned parties aforesaid have either sold stock of the said aforesaid Register Publishing Company, and not accounted for the same to the said party of the first part, or else the said second party of the said aforesaid parties has lied about it, and the same said second parties, to wit, namely, one Corbin, did enter the aforesaid premises of the aforesaid Moran, in the absence of the said Moran, and there and then did feloniously gobble up a lot of important (if true) documents and papers of said Moran, and escorted them thence hitherward, whence no one knoweth, or else the said Moran equivocates, all of which the court is asked to investígate with an equity search light, and then to render unto Csesar those things which belong to that king, if any he finds. The Register has our profound sympathy in its ill fitting suit.


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