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IS YOUR BLOOD :::..- cu Bui f erin f rom any Kidney or Female Corrtplaint h au r; Cough, Cold or any disease of Throat, Chest er ;.ur,; - ycu - Liver performing its functions properly? If you have ;mv - .. se cornplaints t wil] certainly pay ynu to try the medicines rnntionacl blovv, whích are warranted. a remarkable cure. m _ messes. foley & co., cincho. %linlc ïarsaoarilla Gentlemen :- I had a scrofulcus taint of tlie r blood from childhood. Ati ulcor luran oaVho sido of thenose, havicn all the appea-ancc-s of si The mOSt DOWerful BlOOd most maugnant caucer. becamt! abouí íh size oí r w%- a silver dollar and ezuded a tliin, oSensive ■ Cleansef. ter. The agony of niincl I siúíered camnit bo described as I contemplatsd the progress of the disease. I was induced to try the Clinic Sarsaparilla ; it appeared to neutralizo tUe poison in the - wr - blood, the ulcer ceared. The diseased tissues I lef 1 vlltiír" Iv {ycxj 1 ,tiva in the bottom aud edges of the sore seemed to '-I3C VIH IVlUllCy VUrC loosen and the natural flesli to takr its place. Thus the cure continucd until fin (?ven surface Uorranto) fn v,n V:a„ remained. No part of the disea je remains. VVairanted ÍOr all Kidney Mes. H. B. Adahs, Pnmnlüin+c 1609 Wabash Ave., Chicago. OmpiainTS. SUFFERED 27 YEARS. Mr. G. A. Stillson, a mercluuit of Tarapico, 111., writes, August lüth, IS91: r , , f f . tr Messrs. Foley & Co. TOieV S I OÜCV atlü 131 Gentlemen :-Your Kidney Cure is meeting vjo 1 1"J rtllU I dr witli wonderful success. It has cured some frirrl C n cases here that physicians pronounccd incurOUgll öyrlip able. 1, myself, ara able to tostify to its nierits. My faceto-day is a living picture of healtli. and ,,, your Kidney Cure lias made it such. I had sufWarranted the Best. fered twenty-seven years with the disease, and to-day I feel ten years younger than I did one year ago. I can obtaiu somo wonderful certificates of its medical qualities. what a phisician says. Holey's Pamilv Pilis Agnew, Ottawa Co., Mich., Feb. 14, 18S3. J Foley & Co., Chicago. „ „ . . . . , Gentlemen:- Please send me six dozen Honey rOr tOIIStipatlOn, Headand Tar at once. I will say ihat witluii the , , -,.,, pasttwo months I have had three or four cases actie and DlllOUSneSS. of Pneumonía, in all of wliirii I lir'TP uped yoiir i- Honéy and Tar withthemof.tgrr.tif. vin success. Uoes not gnpe. Yourstruly, J. C. Bisor, H. D. ' ACCEPT NO SUESTITÜTS FOR THESE 3PLEND1D MEDICINES. These medicines aro for safe by tht foflowing first-class firma wh ■re authorized to rccomnrrii nd fuaraníee -h.!! I iassctt & Miison. Ann Arbor, Lynch & Co.,Manchester Kobert H. Killian, Ypsilanti, Will Curlett, Dexter, S. D. Chapin, Salem, C. F. Unterkircher, Saline, F. W. Schoen, Manchester, M. S. Davenport, York, J. W. Abbott, Whittaker, D. W. Cook, Fulton H. W. Ballard, Willis, Iodge & Son, Whitmore Lake. G. C. Frye & Co., Eiuery, J. T. Berry, Worden.


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