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Mrs. Ormiston Chant At The Unity Club

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It was doubtful for a long time last evening, whether or not, Mrs. Orniiston Chant would address the Unity Club. At 8:20, Mr. Sunderland announced that Mrs. Chant had been since eight o'clock in the morning getting to Jackson from Chicago, and that they had received word that her train would surely get to Ann Arbor in about an hour. In the meantime, while waiting for the charming English woman, Miss Cole sang several selections, and Mr. Bilby rendered several pieces on the violin. Mr. Sunderland also read one of Mrs. Chant's pleasing and touching poems. It was twenty-five minutes past nine when she finally came, but she was present body and soul, and foi an hour interested her audience in a most charming way, by telling -of her American trip. Since in this country she has been from Boston to San Francisco, stopping at Chicago for the world's parliament of religions, her main purpose in coming to America. She spoke mostly of California and its resources, many western cities where she stopped and seemed to see everywhere missionary and philanthropic work to do. And as to travel she said, "I can't help but think that part of Christianity will be through travel." Everybody in the large audience was good natured during the long wait and all appeared well paid for the time. Mrs. Chant continued her journey to Boston on the late train last night.


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