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Supervisors In Session

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The Board of Supervisors have been in session all the week. Their proceedings may be briefly told as follows: On Friday last, the building committee reported an expenditure last year of $ 1,300. 93 for repairs of the court house and jail and the fixtures therein. The principal item of expense had been the fixing of the roof of the court house. The superintendents of the poor reported expenditures for the year at S4.932.63, of which $695.73 was for outside relief and 234. 02 for old orders. The farm products for the year amounted to 21,436.3o. The total number of paupers during the year was 135, of whom 98 were men and 37 women, while the average number was 74. Their nationality was as follows: American, 70; Germán, 24; Irish, 19; English, 5; Scotch, 2; colored, 8; Italian, 1; Canadian, 6. The number of deaths were 11, births 3. The average cost of maintaimng paupers per week exclusive of the product of the farm was St.iiy An appropriation of $5,500 is hinted for. .Mr. George H. Pond was mously elected school examiner for two years. There was quite a contest for the janitorship of the court house. The first ballot resulted, Marvin Davenport 12; Mrs. J. H. Starks, 7; M. J. Howard, 6. The second and deciding ballot resulted, Davenport, 14; Howard, 9; Stark, 2. On raotion of Supervisor Gi 11, the salary of janitor was fixed at $475. On Monday, after the clerk had been allowed $35 for preparing copy for the printer, Elisha Loomis was unanimously elected superintendent of the poor. Then followed a discussion over printing the proceedings of the board. After a number of motions the board adjourned until Tuesday. OnTuesday, the proceedings were ordered printed in the Hausfreund for L70. On motion of Supervisor Watkins the treasurer was instructed to collect $20 a month rent frons Brown & Kearns. In the afternoon this motion was reconsidered and indefihitely postponed. On Wednesday. a number of criminal claims were allowed. Supervisors, Oesterlin, Case and Sage were appointed a committee to report to the board the amount of fees to be allowed the sheriff for board and care of prisoners at the county jail. The justices' bilis allowed during the day were Bogardus, $152. 40; Doyle, $5.25; Webb, $20.75; Rust, $4-5On motion of Mr. Case, the superintendents of the poor were instructed to spend $25 a year on the highway running past the county house. Supervisor Dancer moved that the committee on determining the fees to be allowed the prisoners, report a bilí of fare to be given non-resident prisoners. The supervisors yesterday elected a county drain commissioner. Supervisor Duncan presented the name of Daniel W. Barry, of Northfield. Supervisor Gill presented the name of E. M. Cole, of Superior. ' Supervisor Forsyth presented the name of Harrison Ruthruff. The vote stood Barry 14, Cole 5, Ruthruff 7, blank 1. Mr. Barry was duly declared elected.


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