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Plymouth is to h;i ve a riew Uiree story hotel. A wedding is protnised for Saline, soon. Tlie peninsular dam at Dexter ba& been rebuilt. llickory nuts are said to be a good erop this year. Chelsea bas two band organizations and au orchestra. The attendance at the Brighton fair was less than last year. Mis. Ida Logan is teaching in the Dewey district, of liridgewater. Ilebron Fellows, of Sharon, has been írranted a pension of $6 a rnouth. Watson Barr, of Stony Creek, cut his foot badly recently with an axe. Justice Myron AVebb, of Saline, is in Bay City this week as a U. S. juror. Mis. Wm. Stevens is building a iiew barn on her farm in Dexter township. E. R. Doane has traded his farm in Dexter township for Detroit property. The Delhi Sunday school will hoid a Harvest Home festival, Sunda}', Oct. 12. Michael Kalmbacb, of Francisco has lost 2-5 lambs iiom a disease of the head. Bev. Mr. Cope, recently M. E. minister at Manchester, is now preaching at E;ist Tawae. Sixteen hundred people were .on the fair grounds on the big day of the Chelsea fair. Rev. Mr. Miller was ordained a pastor of the Baptist church in Manchester, last week. Twelve thousand live chickens took the journey from Chelsea loNew York last Thursday. Xwenty one tickets for the World's Fair were solcl at Clinton, on Wednesday of last week. It cost Chick Cross, of Ypsilanti, $9.25 for being druuk. He was a cross man when hé paid up. Orris Throop is building a house on his farm near Milao and as Orris is a bachelor it looks suspieious. Ilenry Dennis and Mrs. R. Woodworlh were married in Salem, by llev. W. H. Shannon, October 11. E. C. RobisoD burned his foot severely while Btriving to stop a grass fire in tli e cemetery west of Saline. The latest social in Webster was a íish social, held at the Congregational parsonage, last Friday evening. The best time made in the horse races at Chelsea was 2:39}, made in the free for all. won by Flora Greenbacks. The plan for opera house building in Ypsilanti is to build one without a gallery and so get rid of the gallery gods Arthur Saly paid $6.25 into Justice Bogardus couitin Ypsilanti Monday, íor abusiog a horse, while he was on'a spiee. Xhrep men with a team and a dog passed through Augusta last week on their wáy to Florida, expecting to rtrve all the way. iherewere 103 passengera for the World's Fair taken on at Ypsilanti, Tuesday, a large proportion being farmers and their families. 'irass Lake township contains 475 school cbildren and oays $3,709.25 for teachers1 wages. There are 17 more bovs than gins in the town. fhere were i20t passengers for th World's Fair, taken b.y the JLake Snor from betweeu Ypsilanti and Ilillsdal 6h,Wedne8day of last week. The Keeley instituted at Ypsilant has cured tvventy-one men who go their inail in that city, and at leas half that many in Anu Arbor. To close or not to close that seems t be the question with the Keely inst tute in Ypsilanti, with the probabili iies hitely in favor of not closinsr. JoLn McKeenan, of Tecumseh jumped from liis window on the secoiic Hoor last Suuday, while insane, break ing his collar bone and receiving a cotí cussion of the brain. S. D. Nesmith, who is to build the electrie rpad between Ann Arbor an Adrián and to buy the motor line, wa. in Ypsilanti Monday and reported tba his road was .sure to go. Mrs. Lydia Clark died in Ypsilant last Tuesday from the result of injur ies received by a fall some weeks agó She was '.'- years of age and had livec in Michigan for fifty years. Bobert Martin, of Superior, is stiL hustling on his farm and has not yet been heard to complain of hard times The latest addition to his farm stock has been a íine new milch cow. The Sentinel intimates that Ypsilanti is "in the soup" on its water works. Up in this neck of the woods it is the fashion with some people to hold up the Ypsilanti system of water works as an unalloyed blessing. A dranken woman was on the streets of Ypfsilanti, Ttiflsday, a stranger in the town. Tlie Y. W. C. A. took her in charge and got her a room at a hotel, where siie blew out the gas, which fact was kickily discoverud before she was asphyxiated. Tom Piatt, of Webster, feit so sorry for the poor editor when he read the item in the Dexter Xews that sorneone had been stealing from its wood pile, that be immediately took him a whole sackful L potatoes, each potato weighing nearly a pouud. The house of Mr. Ilogstal, on Harria street, Ypsilanti, was burned last Saturday, with a loss of $600, covered by insurance. The flre taught Yrpsilanti the need of a paid fire department, as many of the yolunteers were averse to turning out in the rain. J. II. Barr & Son are having a line run of sorghum tbis fall, cane is brought in from all direetions and na far away as fourteen miles, they have also received apples for eider from twelve miles distant and have turned out over 20,000 gallons of juice. - Saline ( )bserver. Baldwin C. Oberst, of Ypsilanti, ate a hearty supper last Saturday evening and rëtired in apparently good liealth. Early Sunday morning his wife was awakened by his making a strange sound, but before slie could surnmon assistance he was dead. He liad lived in Ypsilanti 47 years and was born in Switzerland, 74 years ago.