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Mi dern cntfers despair of "reproducing- the anoient sword blades of feudal Japan, as modern artificers in iron despair of the artistic sword guarda oí that country. According1 to tradition the test of the ancient Japanese sword wa i even more rig-id than that of Saladin's blades. It ivas enoug-h if the latter would cut in twain at a sing-le blow a down pillow, thrown in the air. but the Japanese blade, suspended horizoatally baneath a tree must sever any leaf that, ialiing should accideutallv lig-ht upon the edge of the wrawn. SEALED - PIOPOMKJpai ! Realed offers to pnrehase Thirty Thouaand Dollars if the bonos of the City bt' Aun Arjor. State of Michigan, will lie received by tlic Jity Clork at any time on or befOre Monday, 6. jiext, at tweive o'clock, noon. Those bonds are to besold for the purnsc f ruising money to enable the cityto oonh1 ruct a main sower1 and they were autlioricil tv ;: special act of the Leg"isl;u ure, and a 'tr of tho people, and will draw iuterest [roui Novemberlst, 1893, at 5 pe?' cent. per anmim, payablo at the Ci1y Treasurep's Üfflce. Tho principal will mature in yöarly lnstailments :t' ïwu Thonsand Dollars and are a charge tipnn the whole city. The bnnds will.ho lssued In denominations of SöOOeach. The saltl bonds will not be sold for loss than face value and iccrued interesi and the riyrlit to rojo I all öids is reserved. Hy order of the Coramor Conucil. i 1LLIAM J. MILLBR, City Clerk. W3VC, HBRZ, no. 4 w. washington st. House, Sigh, Qbnamenal and Fresco Pointer, ffildiníí, calcnaininr, glazmy; and paper bang in. All work is done in the best etyle and warranted to pive satiafaution. II. KITREDGE, No. 6 West Ann Street. llTiiPMillMMGEllSE, In the rear of Edward ■Duffy'6 giooery store. Hack U) all traina, day and nixtii. Orders i'or trains, partios, woddinirs and iunerals protnplly attended to. Telophone, IOS Au Arbor Mich. WANTED. QniCK, actiro mnn at once. Must speai Qaman and furnish roferenees. $18 PER WEEK. The Chicago Piiblication and Lithograph Co. 194 Madison St, CHICAGO, ILL.


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