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wil We '.ave received our Large Stock of New Spring designs. Prices Greatly Bednced. l Best Papers ai 5 to 6 Cts. a Rol!. Heavy Whites at 7 to 8 Cts. a Roll. Fine Gilt Papers at 8 and 10 a Roll. Embossed Paper at 12 to 15 Cts. a Roll. Best Stock in the city to 'select from. Good Window Shades, all complete, on spring Rollers, at 25c each. Particular attention given to Paper Hanging and Decorating. Opp. Court House. Main I Street. Ana Arbor. KEPOET OF THE ÜONDITIOÏï OF THE ïïmïï 1 wsm m -AT - ASSi ARBOR, miCHIGAN. At the close of business, July 12, 1890. RESOURCES. Loans and discounts $207.023 2 Stocks, Hnuds and Mortgages, etc 87 715 ff Ovordrafts 3,68975 Dne from banks in reserve citits 17,362 Si One from otherbanks and bankers 2.069 5 Pnet'roni Wushtenaw Co 1,315 1-1 Furniture and flxtures 2,000 di' Uurrcnt expenses and i:nes paid ' ?5 tío Intftret paid _ 357 'S Checks and cash i tuina ,_. ;í.p-1ü 27 Nifkels ni peimics " "-" 21j 4-s aold coin 10,35000 Silvtr coin l.fls; 20 US Bank Sot s 13.538 00 Total $111,099 53 LIABILITIES. Capital stook uaid in $ W.000 00 Surpluafund _ aO.IKM 6 CTndivided protits 5.7S-6 08 Dividetids nnpíñd _. 185 gQ Individual deposits _ 99 979 U' Oeitificatesof duposit """ ií'94S 5Ö uvings deposito 82,'2O033 Toial _ .$111,099 52 STATE OF MICHIGAN, ) o. County of Vashtenaw, ss' I, Frederiek H. lielser, Cashier of the above Qanif.l bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is trne 10 the best of my knowledee and belk-f. F. II. Belser, Caehier, CORI'.ECT- Attest. AmbhoSk Kearney, ) W. F. Bbeíkey, )-Directors. Edwakd Uüffy, ) jSubtcribed and sworn to before me this 19th dav of July, 1898. H. A. Williams. ' Notary Public.


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