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J. McComb is on the sick list. The post office bas been removed from Birkett. ï. Birkett is putting in the week at Chicago. Dr. Obetz, of Detroit, was here last Saturday. T. McQuillian spent Wednesday in Arm Arbor. A. Pidd is erecting a large grainery on nis farm. Mr. Lawton and i'amily have moved to ï psilanti. Mr. Rabbitt visited Ann Arbor one day last week. Charles Morris lias returned from the White city. James Gregory wi!l spend the winter with Mr. Clark. John Doody was an Ann Arbor visitor, Wednesday. Miss June Phelps is spending a few days in llillsdale. t_ -r-gW Mr. Marshall, "of ÜñadilÍíL visïtêd here last Monday. A. Lavey was the guest of Chelsea friends last week. Charles Schoen is spending the week at the White city. _-JU ■,,&„;&&& II. Phelps made aj business trip to Pinckney, Friday. Miss Fleming jhas been at Chicago the past few days. Mr. Bonman spent Saturday and Sunday in Chelsea. N. Keid and sister were Chelsea visitors last Thursday. John Hall and sons were Chelsea visitors last Friday. Boni to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Schoen, a son, Out. 10,1893. Mrs. Blood lias been entertaining relatives from ühio. Mr. and Mis. P. Guinon entertained friends over Sunday. Mr. Henning, of New York, was here the first of the week. B. Whittaker was the guest of friens in Chelsea last week. Mr. John Ledwedge and wife were in Chelsea, Thursday. Jay Lucas was the guest of friends in Chelsea last Friday. I). Warner and sister visited Clio friends the past week. Mr. J. Spoor and wife entertained friends from Ypsilanti. Wm. Wiley had hislegcrushed while pressing hay last week. G. Beek, of Ann Arbor, was with friends on Wednesday. IL Ilarris and sons, of Putnam, spent Wednesday here. E. R. Doane and wife spent last week witli friends in Detroit. Mr. Easton spent last week with relatives in Ann Arbor. Miss Olga Jedele spent the last of the week at Pettysville. George lleason sr., of Pinckney, was at the lakes on Mondav. C. and P. Lavey spent Friday with their friends in CheLsea. Ed. Ball was among Ann Arbor friends last Wednesday. Mrs. J. Bridgstock is the guest of her diiughter in Jackson. Dr. E. Phelps, of Lanisburg, visited bis parents over Sunday. W. Collina and friends, of Marión, were here on Wednesday. Mis. llobbins entertained her father from Ypsilanti last week. II. B. Glenn, of North Lake, ealled liere the lirst of the week. Mrs. C. S. Pierce was with friends at Grass Lake the past week. X. Reid is making extensive improvements on lus premisos. Mrs. T. J. Bitter, of Wadsworth, Ohio, is visiting her brother. W. I). Smith and sister are entertaining friends from abroad. James Lyman was with his old friends in Pinekney, Monday. Miss Maud Blade, of Pettysville, spent Monday with her sister. Mrs. Tuffs who has been sick lor some timo is slowly recovering. Mr. and Mrs. E. Eves and sons are the giidsts of friends in Detroit. Mrs. G. Bell and children spent Friday with her brother and sister. Frank Mowers and mother were with Pinekney friends, Monday. William Ballon and wife are entertaining her sister from Komulus. George French and ehum were at the lakes one day the past week. Chas. Neeb and wife, of Aun Arbor, visited here the iirst of the week. James Gallagher and John Hoey have been cloing the world's fair. Miss Ione Stannard, of East Liverpool, Ohio, is visiting her parents. Johd Gallagher and James McCabe were in Chelsea one day last week. G. Jedele, of Scio, pased through here on his way to Chelsea Friday. Mrs. Simpson is spending a few weeks with her daughter in Jackson. Mr. and Mrs. II. Van Fleet, of Detroit, are visiting friends in this place. John McGuinness, of Pinckney, was here on business the lirst of the week. Mrs. C. O. James and sou Tom, spent the past week at the AVhite City. Frank Lenimon has accepted a position as clerk in the store of Davis Bros. & Co. Mr. A. Kearney and wife, of Ann Arbor, visited their Dexter friends Wednesday. Mr. Eisemann and friend, of Chelsea, spent Wednesday with their many friends here. Mrs. P. Fleming and daugeter Carrie, were entertained by her sister in Podunk Tuesday. Mrs. S. Dexter and Miss Hertha Ferris have gone to spend the winter at Philadelphia, Penn. Mis. John Hill and daughter, Miss Eva, spent several days of tlic past week in Ann Albor. Charles Goodwin, of the University City, shook hands with his many Dexter friends, Tkursday. The jewelry stock of the late J. II. Murdock was closed out at auction last Thursuay evening. D. Saekett and wife and , daughter, Miss Anna, were with their Ann Arbor Ërienda last Wednesday. Mr. Levi Lee, wife and daughter Amia, called on thcir Aun Arbor friends one dayjthe past week. Clyde Carpentr and sister, Misa Gertie, spent the last of the week with their grandparents in Pettysville. Uncle Tom's Cabin gave an entertainment at tlie opera house last Tbursday evening and was largely attended. Married Wednesday. Oct. 18, 1893, Mr. Fved Glenn and Miss Tirzah Twamley, bath ot: Xortli Lake. Rev. i' E. Pearce olTieiating. Services were held at the 15irkett church forthe ürsttime, Sunday a large crowd was in attendanue. It is hoped the good work will go on. The Good Templars will hold a Demorest Silter Medal Contest at the Baptist church, Friday evening, Oct. 20. Admission ten cents. Married Saturday, Oct. 7, 1893, at the home of the bride's mother, Mr. Burt Lathrop and Miss Ilattie (rage, Kev. F. E. Pearce perlormed the ceremony.


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