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A Strange Case

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fel ijBjl how an Enemy was Foiled. The following graphic, statement will De read wlthintenseiiiterest: "lcannotde : thenumb, creepysensationthatcxh,;i.'. in tty arms, hands and lega. I had torul) and b( iit those parta untiltbey were sore, to overeóme in a mensure the dpad feeJins that haJ li-scssion of them. In addition. I i Btrange weakness in my hack and aroundiniy walst, together wlth an Indescribible 'gout feeling in my stomach. Physicianwascreeplng paralysis, from whlch, a ins to thoir universal conclusión, there no relief. Once it íastens upon a person, they say, it continúes lts ;inalaious progresa unt.ll it reaches a vital point and the eüffercr dles. Kuch was my prospect. I had been doctor ng ;i year and u half steadily, b-ut vvith no particular benefit, when I saw an advertís mi n of l)r Miles' Restorative Nervine, procurert a bot.tle and began using It. Marvelous as it muy seem, but a few days had passed before every bit of that creepy feeling had left me, and there has not been even the sllghtest indication of its return. I now feel as well as I ever did, and have gained ten pounds in weight, though I had run down from 170 to 1D7. Four others have used Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine on my recomendation, and it has been assatisfactory intheir cases as in mine."- James Kane, La Rué, O. l)r. Miles' Restorative Nervine issoldbyall druggists on a positive guarantee, or seut direct by the Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkharf , Ind.. on receipt of price, fl per bottle, six bottles for ÍS. express prepaid. It is free from ooiates or dangerous drugs. Sold bv Druggrists Everywhere.


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