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AVliile a cow, the property of C. B. Pendleton of Key West, Fla., was in the pasture the other day, she was bitten by a rattlesnake and tlied within au hour. An Eastern Maine newspaper correspondent makes the surprising statement that a 3S0-pound minister in his town had the mumps on both sides of his face last Sunday and yet was "not able to fill his pulpit!" Zante, the island that has been shaken up by an earthquake, is the ancient Zakunthos mentioned ty' Herodotus as produeing asphalt 500 B. C. and the natives still cali it Zakunthos and still find asphalt there. Workmen in New York city for a new building a few days ago strnck the huil of a ship twenty feet below ihe surf ace of the ground. They found imbedded in the earth some cannon balls, rusty weapons and a quantity of copper coin. A bil', passed in the Alabama house, prohibits the sale or giving away, or otherwise of cigarettes, cigarette tobáceo or cigarette paper in that state, subject to a fine andimprisonment. The bill also prohibits the of a cigarette in any public place. But little remains of the old prisonpen at Andersonville. There are only a few half rotted posts left to mark the line of the stockade, and a few low earth works where the ga tes were. Some of the wells and tunnels dug by prisoners who hoped to escape thereby are also to be seen. The grounds are now the property of the Grand Army of the Republic.


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