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The Twenty-eighth Michigan infantry nill hold its aimual reunión at Charlotte Oct, 25. Ci'rowcrs in the vicinity of Monroe have shipped to the canning faetory at Adrián 10.000 bushels oL tomatoes. George Stnith of Onuiidago township was sentenced by Jndge Person ïhursday to two years' imprisonment at the state lionse of correction for horse stealing. He pleaded giiilty. The board of supervisors of Muskegon county liave appointed Ivafayette Knowlea county superintendent of the poor. H. P. Carr, exaaüner of schools, and Dr. F. P. Stamp, county physician. Saturday. Oct. 14. The Sixth Michigan cavalry's annual je nion will be held at Grand Kapids Jan. 7 A Vicksbiirg man has an apple measur ing 13 inches in circumference and weigh ing 16 1-2 ouncea. A ruffled grouse fiew through a window of the woolen mili at Clinton into th weaving room. went across it like a shot struck a wall and was picked up dead. William Bowie. pumpman at the Cht cago and Grand Trunk water station a Vicksburg, feil on the railroad tracks fractured two of his ribs and is in a pre carious condition, being also internally in jured. The Ifendon pumping station has been closed, and all Grand Kapids and Indiana engines take water at Vicksburg novv .Several small stations on the Grane Kapids and Indiana have been closed ani men discharged eisewhere in the interes of eeouoiny. Monday, Oot. 10. J. R. Doughtv has sold the Port Austii Post to George E. Cousins Five carloads of potatoes are being shipped daily from Chase, Lake county. Alpena has shipped 100 barrels of hent lock bark extract to St. Petersburg, Rus sia. The Barry County Teachers' association will hold a meeting at Hastings Saturday the 21st inst. Alpena Baptists want their pastor, Rev Mr. Lee. to stay with them, and have refused to accept nis resignation, which was tendered some time ago. But three members oí the Presbyterian ehurch of Niles who were present when the church was dedicated in 1850 are now alive. The Albion Milling company has contracted to deliver 30Ö tons of its flour at Shgo, Ireland. and the Michigan Centra] will attend to the delivery part of the contract. Tuesday, Oct. 17. Twelve thousand live cliickpns were shipped from Chelsea to New York last week. The sixth anima] state encampment of the Union Veterans' unión will be held at Howell Oct, 86 and 27. The American Expresa company's safe at bherman, Osceola county, was blown open by unknown men, who obtained íl .000. The wife of James Turnbull, a pioneer and much respected citizen. who lived two miles northeast oí Capac, died Sunday morning of paralysis. J)r. F. W. Barkwell of Dearborn was nelp up by three men near that village bunday morning, but he struck his horse a blow with the whip, the animal broke away from the highwayman who was holding the bridle. and the. wouldbe rob bers were speedily left behind. Wednesday, Oct. 18. Baraga has become so orderly that the authorities have discharged the town marshal, as there is nothing for him to do. About 12 o'eloek Tuesday night two burglars were diseovered in the act of forcingan entrance into the residence o; Mrs. R. M. Wilder at Coldwater ïhey were pursued by the marshal and another man, and several shots were exchanzed bilt the thieves escaped. Kven the property of the llmbs of the law is not safe froni thieves at Iron Mountain. Laat week a quantity of canned goods were stolen from the" residence of feheriff Catlin.and a few niehts later the hen house of the chief of pólice was entered and a number of chickens carried away. William Wood and Charles DeForest two tramps, whn weie arrested ;mrl lodced in jail at Howard City for larceny, set fii-e to the jail door. The door burned away and the men escaped before anyone became aware of their actions. Seftrehing parties are out in all directions looking (Sr them lhe two men are chained together Tluirsday, Oct. l!l. The schools at St. Louis are closed tor one week on account of diphtheria. ]. E. Flanders is the new organist of the Vicksbuig Congregational church. The site of old Fort Brady at the Soo bas been subdivided into building lot,-, and they are to be sold at auction by the sov ernment. The Vicksburg G. A. R. and W. R C have erected theii; soldiers' monument mi it will not be dedicated until next Deeoration day. The woods are so uil of huntera ap in the vieimty of the Soo thatthe grouse have been driven to the city. Four were killed in the streets last Saturday. Burglars entered the rear door of the Spocery store of Tyler W. Provin of Cedar pnngs. by cutting a hole through a panel Ihey stole Í15 in cash, but nothing else. A natty looking stranger bas been ín Ludington cauvassing for purchasers of the "Worid's Parliament of Religión." He aod his got outof a back wndow of the Gladstone the otheï night, and his hotel bilí has beeu chargeü to profit and loss.


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