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William Wenger is building a new barn on Gott street. The fifth ward Sunday school give a social this evening. Jay C. Taylor has rejoined the Carlton opera company. School commissioner Cavanaugh has a little daughter at his house. See Madam Wordell'sadvertisement on another page of this issue. A stone sidewalk has been laid on Detroit street in front of the Buchoz block. Fred Brown has put cement walks around his new house on Miller avenue. A number of Capt. Manly's peach trees were uprooted by the storm, Friday. The Wolverine Cyclers give a hop in Nickels' hall, Thursday evening, November 2. The Ann Arbor Organ company have placed an order for a carload of Erie pianosBethlehem church celebrates the anniversary of the reformation, Sunday, October 29. There are 85,782 volumes in the University library, and 16,000 unbound pamphletsIt cost Ann Arbor city $935.94 to :ake care of its poor in the county louse the past year. ) ErnestHotchkin and Miss Rosetta Palmer, of Saline, were married in ;his city last Monday. The salary of Dr. Heneage Gibbes in the University has been increased from $2,300 to $2,500. There were 143 tickets sold for Chicago at this station of the Michigan Central last Tuesday. Rev. Dr. O'Reilley, of Detroit, preached in St. Thomas' church, Sunday morning and evening. Mr. E. F. Johnson, of the law department, will hereafter receive a salary of $1,000, an increase of $400. Miss Anna McOmber gives a social this evening at her home on' Church street, to the senior high school class. A sunflower social was held at the Bethel A. M. E. church last Friday night and a number of sunflowers were there. Rev. J. Mills Gelston next Sunday evening will discourse on "Some Truths of Mohammedanism Fullïlled by Christianity. Grand Lecturer A. M. Clark, of Lexington, will hold a Masonic school of instruction here nextWednesday evening. The friends of law librarían Joseph Vanee will be glad to learn that his salary has been raised from $900 to $i, 200 a year. The council attempted to hold a meeting Monday night, but for the first time in several months a quorum was not present. The Ann Arbor Lodge, A. O. U. W., sent Fred Graf to Jackson as their representative to attend the annual district meeting. Rev. A. S. Carman, of this city, was elected president of the annual conference of Michigan Baptist ministers in Muskegon, Wednesday. The largest Sunday evening mail ever sent out of Ann Arbor went out last Sunday evening. Many young ladies were undoubtedly made happy. Cantón No. 30, I. O. O. F., "of Ánn Arbor, got prize money for its exhibition drill in Pontiac. It went there seeking for cantons to conquer, but they carne not. The committee of the common council appointed to furnish the new city offices have awarded the contract for counter fronts, which is said to be very elegant. Mrs. Ormiston Chant says that AmeYicans don't seem to realize that the scenery in America is equal to any in Europe. They haven't been over Cedar Bend avenue then. The fire department was called out last night by a fire which started in the boiler room of the Ann Arbor Organ company and burned up the roof. They put the fire out before it had done $100 worth of damage. The Ann Arbor township clerk will be in the court house, Saturday, October 28, for the purpose of receiving scalps of woodchucks and heads of hawks and crows. Andrew O. Hirsch, of Wüliam street, died last Friday, of peritonitis, leaving a wife and four children. He was fifty-two years of age and had resided in this city only a few months. . Joseph Dennison, of North Main street, was bound over to the circuit court, Friday, by Justice Bennett, on the charge of selling liquor on the Sunday preceeding. He waived examination. The Ladies Library Association announces that anyone can become a member of the association and is entitled to draw books from the library for one year by paying the membership fee of one dollar. Rev. B. Fay Mills, the evangelist, will be in Ann Arbor from December 6 to December. 13. The choirs of the different churches are in training to be well prepared for the music on the occasion of his visit. Alexis C. Angelí, of Detroit, has been appointed professor of law in the place of Edwin F. Conely, resigned, at a salary of $1,000. Otto Kirchner, of Detroit, has also been made a law professor at the same salary. Rev. J. T. Sunderland will begin next Sunday evening a series of sermons on "Jesús and His Religión, in the Light of Modern Inquiry." The subject of the opening sermón will be "The Sources of our Knowledge of Jesus. " Possibly stirred up by a recent article in the Democrat as to a reported deal, Mayor Thompson has sent in the name of Charles Wheeier as marshal. Mr. Wheeier is one of he motormen and is a republican and a comparatively new-comer in the city. Mrs. 'William Howard died in Jackson, Monday. She formerly resided tin Northfield and is survived by six children, Timothy Howard, of Jackson; Mark Howard, of Northfield; William Howard, of Ann Arbor; Mrs. Ann Kennedy, Misses Margaret and Nellie Howard, of Jackson. The number of students now registered numbers 2413, which indicates that the registration this year will be about 2650 or 138 less than last year. The number in the various departments now registered is, literary, 1281; law, 220; medical, 353; dental, 180; pharmcy, 51; homeopathie, 28. We noticed two weeks ago the arrival of thirty dozen frogs at the University. On the strength of this item, Mr. Rushton Clark, who furnished the frogs to the University, received an order from the University of Tennessee for a hundred bullfrogs. Mr. Clark is also furnishing the University with turtles. George Crocker, passenger engineer on the T. A. A. & N. M., is laid up at his home, in this city, with a badly sprained ankle and a badly scraped face. He was brino;ing the passenger train to this city Monday morning, when through the heavy fog he carne upon a dummy engine at Manhattan junction. He reversed his engine and jumped. The collision did no serious damage to the train. Judge Babbitt reported to the supervisor 15 persons sent to the Pontiac Insane Asylum during the year last past from this county and added. "It is gratifying to note a perceptible diminution in the number of commitments to the asylum as compared with preceeding years, the totals of commitments for the two years preceeding this having been 32 and 19 respectively as against 15 for the present year. The students in the recitation rooms are always ready to laugh at anything out of the ordinary that the professor says. This habitis so strong that if the speaker in the Young Peoples prayer meeting happens to drop something a little peculiar they carry out the instinct of laughing. Last week when one of the lawyers was making a plea in the court room said something a little witty, it was at once greeted with the usual laugh which brought down a severe rebuke from the judge, who said the court was not a theatre. A smash-up occurred on the T., A. A. & N. M. railroad near Leiand early VVednesday morning. A heavy freight train was being pushed up the grade. The engine which was pushing had left the train and was coming back when the train broke and the rear of it ran down the grade. The engineer of the pusher started back to catch it, the loose I cars and the tender of his engine coming into contact with such force as to smash the tender and several of the cars. It was a number of hours before the wreek was cleared.


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