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The Regents' Meeting And President's Report

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The Board of Regents was in session the greater part of Wednesday and transacted considerable business of importance. Pres. Angelí read his annual report for the year ending Sept. 30. He showed that the number of degrees conferred was 699, the largest recorded in the history of any American University, but that number is now exceeded by 46. The number of students in attendance was 86 more than in the previous year, this increase being chiefly due to the incrèased number from Michigan, which was 79 greater than in previous years, a gratifying appreciation by the state of the advantages the University offers to her sons and daughters. The attendance of women was 15.6 per cent greater than the year before, which shows that every year more and more women are obtaining an academie or collegiate education. In his report Dr. Angelí says : "it is indeed becoming aquestion whether a generation henee there will be as many college trained men as college trained women in this country. The educational, intellectual and social consequences of this forward movement in the training of women we may not be able to foresee fully, but that they must be very important no and can doubt. I cannot but think that they will be very beneficial." Librarían R. S. Davis read hisannual report, showing that over a thousand volumes had been presented during the year to the library. LIe also showed that more space was needed in the library for books, or the removal of the Rogers artcolection to some other place. At the suggestion of Mr. Davis, he sum of S300 was appropriated br an assistant in cataloging in the ibrary and $40 for a case for a catalogue of medical works. Other reports were presented, among which was an estímate of the expense of motors for electric lights on the carnüus. Treasurer Soule's annual report howed that the disbursements have jeen: Special, 94,428.58; general, #281,559. 1O; total, $375,987.68. Considerable amusement was created by the suggestion that a committee on titles be appointed. Dr. Kiefer called attention to some apparent misstatement of titles, and Regent Kiefer said they wanted to have the titles correct, no matter what the salaries were. The sura of $1,238.91 was appropriated for the deficiency caused by keeping open the University (allopathic) Hospital during the suramer.


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