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ÍS YOUR SLOOD IWtPURE? Ara yoti sufferingr from any Kidney or Female CornplóCint ? Mavo you a Cough, Cold or any disease of Throat, Chest or Lungs '.' f? your Liver performing its functions properly? If you have any of these compiaints it wül certainly pay you to try the medicines mentionod below, which are warranted. A REMARCABLE CURE si , r messes. foley & co.. Chicago. V'hnic arsaparilla Gentlemen: - I bad a scrofulons taint of tlie blood from childhood. Au ulcer bogan on the aide of the nose, havine-all the appearauces of a Jne HlOSt pOVVei'IUl BlOOd' most malignant cáncer, became abcut í size oí a silver dollar and ezuded a thin, offensive matOleansei'. ter. ÏUe aeony of mind I sutt'ered cannot bo described aal coutemplatod the progress of the disease. I was induced to try the Clinic Sarsaparilla; it appeared to nrutralize t!ie poison in the ƒ" ■ Y" " blood, the ulcer ceased. Thediseased [ Jee LviiniC BVldlieV 1. vliff in the botton and edxes of the sore ceemcd to v-'ot' "V' a-viuiit-j V'iloosen aüd the natural flébil to tu}. its plfice. Tlius tho curp coutimiod unti] no i v:i anrface WornntpH fnr all liHnr remaiacd. No part of the disea9 1 mains. varrantea ior au Maney Mus. H. B. Atmms. Cnmnlpints ltí!)9 Wabosk Ave, Ctiii 50. OUinpidmiö. SUFFERE 0 27 YEIARS. Mr. G. A. Stillson, a merchant oí T:'..:: ice, Ili., Lrèr Foley's Honey and Tar Gentlemen:- Yo:ir Kidüoy (ure is meeting " " witli wonderful success. Jt has curítd Bome C ctcv jY%y cases hero that physicians prouounced iucurUUll OjTUJJ able. I, myself am dble to tnstify to its merite. My fncoto-day is a liviofi picture of ln'aHli. and ,,, , , ,, D , your Kidney Cure has raaío i;, snch. I had sufWarranted the BeSt. fered twenty-seven years vfitb th disease, and to-day I feel tfn years youngsr than I did year ajro. Zcsnobtaiii somo wondorful oertiflcates of its medical qui : ' what a pTüsTc1a-j gays. Foley's Family Pilis Ag-.icv, Ott.iffK Co., ijici ., Feb. li. FgStSn;:' : ■.. , For Cónstipation, Headi;:;:1.;1;;;;,;::,:;' ;' áche and Bilioasness. of Pneumonía. toali' - 1 rinon .-+ m-ït-, . , Does not gripe. ... c. ' , '. o. i AOOePT " ■■ :: 8U3i '' .' ■: :: tkc3C 'Lplendid medicines. These tno'i'i. e Jby the follcwing first-class firms who are auihcrizeci to rs-. . .: . uarantee -:i.i: Bassett & Masón, Aun Arbor, Lynch & Co.,Mauchester, Kobert H. Killian, Ypsilanti, Will Curlett, Dexter, S. D. Chapin, Salem, C. F. Unterkircher, Saline, F. W. Schoen, Manchester, M. S. Davenport, York, J. W. Abbott, Whittaker, D. W. Cook, Fulton, it. W. Ballard, Willis, Dodge & Son, Whitmore Iake. G, C. Frye & Co., Eniery, J. T. Berry, Worden.


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