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It Cost A Railroad $2,500 To Discharge Him

It Cost A Railroad $2,500 To Discharge Him image
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William Brighton won his case against the Lake Shore R. R. in the circuit court in this county .this week. Brighton was injured while in the employ of the road in 1874, at which time he lost a finger, had a hand crushed, and his back and ide injured. At the time the road ettled with him by paying him $540, and by giving him, as claimed n the trial, a contract to give him asy employment during his lifeime at a salary of $41.75 per month. He was put to work at Manchester, attending the target. After a year his salary was cut lown to #31.50 a month, "and at his salary he worked in Mancheser 15 years, when he was sent to laisin Center at a salary of 30 per month. After awhile he was sent jack to Manchester and put in the ection gang, and shortly afterward ie was discharged. He brought uit against the road, and the jury, after being out a few hours, brought n a verdict of $2,500 for the plainiff. The plaintiff was represented )y ex-Mayor Thomas Navin and M. . Lehman, and the defendant was epresented by C. E. Weaver, of Adrián.


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