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A New Book On The Bible By An Ann Arbor Minister

A New Book On The Bible By An Ann Arbor Minister image
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Rev. J. T. Sunderland, of the Jnitarian church, of this city, has recently published a new book on he Bible, through the publishing ïouse of G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York. The title of the wo-rk is, 'The Bible, It's Origin, Growth and Character, and its Place Among he Sacred Books of the World." t is already meeting with a wide and favorable notice. Prof. S. R. Driver, the distinguished biblical cholar, of Oxford, Eng., writes : 'Mr. Sunderland has produced a jook which is likely to do good work in disseminating just ideas on he subject with which it deals." Says Dr. Samuel Davidson, the eminent Biblical critic of London : 'This volume appears to me an excellent and valuable digest of modern critical results relating to the ïible, showing a judicious, reverent and moderate estímate of the various subjects over which it ranges." Says President Cone, in the New Vorld: "Two requisites are indisDensable in the writer of such a ook as this, in order to render it valuable - wide and discriminating eading on the subjects treated, and a candid and sagacious judgment. n these requisites Mr. Sunderland s not wanting, and the worth of the )ook proceeds f rom his extended cnowledge of biblical literature, and lis clear discernment of criticisms. The readers of this excellent work will not only be instructed, but stimulated to farther study of the great subjects of which it treats." Says the editor of the Arena : 'I am exceedingly interested in this jook of Mr. Sunderland's. I think t a volume of immense interest and value. " Says the Review of Reviews: "If the Sunday and secular schools of the country used Mr. Sunderland's treatise as a text book, the influence upon the rising generation would be most salutary." The book is for sale at the book stores. Price, $1.50.


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