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Ii. S. Whalain is shipping his apples to an eastern market now. Mr. Twamley and wife, and Fred Glenn and wife, are visiting at Ann Arbor for a few days. Wm. Wood, Esq., will make a second trip to the Wliite City this week on business and pleasure. W. E. Stevenson is home from the fair, and his wife and son Willie are gone for a week's visit. It is now wet enough to help all vgetation in its growth. If followed by a cold winter there will be fewer peaches next fall than this, as the buds will start this fine growing time, and be very tender. George Cook is home from Detroit, where he spent a week visiting his niece, at Highland Park, and last Tuesday helped yourscribe to paintthe whole city red, and furmshed paint and brush. We were assisted by his niece and Rose Glenn, chaperoned by Mrs. McCormick, of Highland Park. Mrs. W. H. Glenn has 15 big turkeys. Tuey have eaten the garden, two orchards, two wheat üelds, all the grass and grasshoppers on a half mile square, a wagon load of grapes, and now are strong enough to husk corn and crib it as they go along. It pays ;o raise turkeys! All this time they ïave been fed twice a day from the and to keep them from roaming and doing damage to crops. I will either go into turkeys, or tliey will iuto me, soon. The joyous occasion of the marriagi of Pred Glenn Tirza Tvvamley wa attended by a full house, nearly ai being relatives of the bride or groorn Presenta were many, useful and beau tiful. The tie was made in a doubU knot by Rev. Peirce, of Dexter. Th youug couple leave soon for Chicago, and on their return will be at home al the old Glenn homestead. or Grovt house. I forgot to state that the bride was dressed in goodclothes, and looked sweet and smiling, and the groom didn't look sad at all, while the bridesmaid, Lena Parshall, and the groomsman, II. Tvvamley, brother ot the bride, did the honors in true city style. After dinner we smoked the insects off the plant-; and trees in the yard, it being a beautiful dar The last tree of peaehes is about ripe now, and will do lor cream and sugar next week. - Whüe in Detroit on Saturday last it rained so hard and the whid blew so strong that I thought to change countries, and took passage for Canada. I had a gnp. I fanded and pushed on up the hill in the storm, not thinking of custom houses, but ratlier looking for an eating house, and "passed a codger sitting on a salt barrel, drumming on its head. Still I went on until accosted like this: '"Are you deaf ? Can't you read? You want me to put you in the lock-np'?" The latter threat brought me to a stop, nearly scared to death. I was throwu into a little pig sty place, wheu the grip was gone through in a very thorough manner. After all he failéd to find a package that I should have to pav dutv on. He said, on our return, we musn't mind his rough way, as he was paid big wages and wished to do his duty thororoughly. On this side I met a gentleman, our custorn officer. I had thought of going to Canada to live. but got enough of it in two hoursfor a


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