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The repeal of the Sherman bill is novv i...

The repeal of the Sherman bill is novv i... image
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The repeal of the Sherman bill is novv in sight. The silver senators, worn out by the long fight against time, have finally concluded to allow a vote to be taken, and the Sherman bill will probably be repealed today. The cessation of the purchase of silver will undoubtedly have a healthy effect upon the balance in the national treasury, the lowness of which has had such a depressing effect upon business. The supreme court of Michigan has unanimously decided that the law conferring upon women the right of suffrage in municipal elections is unconstitutional. The women suffragists were making a great effort in Detroit to get out the full women's vote at the coming election, and a house-to-house canvass had been made by officials paid by the city in Pingree's interest. This work has gone for naught. The preliminary work did not, however, denote that women would have had a great purifying effect upon politics.


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