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Mr. Bell, of Dexter, has a 13pound - Ann Arbor Argus. "O, ring off!" The Ferguson Cart company, of Ann Arbor, has reorganized,greased it axletrees with $25,000 capital stock, and will start business immediately. Get out of the way ! the cart's coming. Ann Arbor can now yell at New York through a long distance telephone, and ask her what she thinks now about the world's fair being a failure in the west. Praised be the name of science. Gotham is at last hitched to civilization. Moran, of the Ann Arbor Register, keeps right along editin', spite óf the row, and reports the recent catch of one of the all-firedest bigjest tarantalas ever seen in Ann Arbor. Tar-rara-boom-dea ! A professional gymnast from Battle Creek will teach university students something about the masculine del sarte, and the proper use of the malleable cast "mauler." Tom Pratt, of Webster, is thanked by the Dexter Leader "for a sack of dry weatherpotatoes." Tom'sgenerosity sends the howling wolf of want from the editor's door. There is an ordinance in Ann Arbor against the burning of leaves except between 6 a. m. and 12 m.; still, a party tried it the other day, but was arrested, and Justice Bennett held him over the legal bonfire long enough to fry $2.40 out of him. "A good many cats are being dropped on the roads in Ypsilanti town," says the Ann Arbor Argus. It was noticed some time ago that the Ypsilanti marshal had undertaken to purify the moráis of the city. The good work is still going on, it seems. Three shipments of books from London, Paris and Leipsig, respectively, numbering about a thousand volumes, have been received at the university. This shows that in the states of Europe as well as America, the departments are overloaded with "pub. does." and the "session laws" of the last legislature. The Northville fire department has tendered its resignation. The boys are not resigned to what they claim is "the infernal kicking" over their bilis for drilling, etc, on the part of the council. Boys, be men; don't be boys ; and the council should be above any snivel service fault-finding. Northville needs a fire department. Leonard D. Rosier, of Webster, enters proceedings to void the will of his father, and the probate allowance to his brothers and sisters, who he charges, rushed him into an insane asylum to deprive him of heirship. He claims he was sane as a judge when locked up. He finally escaped, but was retaken, and afterwards released on a petition of 40 neighbors. $22,000 worth of property was left by his father, and Leonard is resolved to have a share of it or "bust his suspenders. " A temporary injunction has been granted in the case. TheGrassLake Cemetery association contemplates an additional purchase of five acres. The village has always been credited with fair health, but this contemplated cemetery addition looks as though there was to be a competitive rush between the quick and the dead for supremacy in population. On November 4th, "The Decline of Agriculture and Some of the Causes" will be discussed before the students of the university by Populist Jerry Simpson, of Kansas. At the conclusión of the lecture it is expected that Jerry will roll up his pants and allow the audience a half hour interview with his sockless shins. Jerry is no dude. Nature is at work on her annual color exhibit, and here and there the landscape shows where she has bestowed the rarest treasures of her palette. - Ypsilantian. And down around here the small boy is shinning up the shag bark hickories and knocking down the nuts. He knows - drat his little carcass ! where nature has bestowed the rarest treasures of his palate. In a contest for the right of way, I at Ann Arbor, last week, betvveen the wagon of Charles Tessmer and i an Ashley locomotive - Tessmer, his horse and the locomotive escaped uninjured. The wagon was struck just forward of the hips and had its spine broken. Tessmer's hair is nearly white with fright. The Grass Lake News has begun to be 15 years old. The Press rises to grasp it by the hand and say : "Come on up, young fellow! You have achieved a first place in the hearts of your countrymen, and among all who love life and motion in a newspaper. Come up and sit with us where we can both sce who it is that is firing those damp paper wads at us."


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