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Is YOUR BtOODIMPU; ■" y.u sufiorh-.g frorti any Kldney or Feittale Comolairt? Have ifu a Couh, Cold or any disease of Thïïfat ChTst or llur -. ? Is ynur Llve.r performlng ts functlons proper? If yo'u have any or tl„,,o oomplalrits It wlli certalnly pay you totry the medicines me.iáo" -.alow. whlch are warranted. A REMARKABLE CORE. CWnle Hirc)nariUa Messrs. Foley & Co., Chicago. . WÍ1I1IC arsapamia Gentlemen:- I had a scrofuloue taint o, Jie blood from childhood. An ulcer besan on the -. . nr)wprfn1 RJood sideofthonose, havinsalltncapix'arancofa I he ITIOST pOWeriUl DiUOU most malignant cáncer, bccnme abcmt the size ot , ptMn,„. a süver doUar and eauded a thm, oifeasiTe matVieanbei . ter. The agony of mina I snü'cred cannot bo described asl contemplatsd the progrcss of tüe Fwas'indaeed to try the Clinic Sarsaparüla ; it appeared to neutralizo tbe poison in tho , T K irinpv Í Hff bloodT the ulcer ccased. The diseased tissues JSQ %lXC IVldney VUrC in the bottom and edgeg of the soro seemed to loosen and the natural flesh to tsko lts placp. i.j „, Thus the cure continuod untü an eve-n surface Warranted TOr all Nlüney remained. No part of the discaso reniiuns. . Mks. h. b. adams, ■ , . Complaints. 1609 Wabaeb Avo., Clucaso. r SUFFERED 2T YEARS. Mr. G. A. Stillson, e merchaiit of Tampico, 111.. m MBssS-Ev-Tèr1111 . Foley's Honey and lar Gentlemen : - ïour Kidney Cnre is meeting with wonderful success. It has cured .some COUffh öVrUD cases hero that physicians prouounced incur"0" -J K able. 1, myself , am able to testify to its merits. %LjB8L?SLSSSL Thad & Warranted the Best. fered twenty-seven years with the disease. and to-day I feel ten years younger thanldidone year ago. I can obtain some wonderful certiiicates oí its medical qualities. _ T what a phisiian says. JHoley's ramily Pilis Agnew, Ottawa Co., Mioh., Feb. 14, 1693. foley & co , CMcago. . rr„„OT For Constipation, HeadGwtlbidün:- Pleasesend me sis dozen Honej " r and Tar at once. I will say that vnthin the g ancj BiÜOUSneSS. past two months Ihave had throa or fonr ca6ea - - of Pneumonía, in all of which I have, usod your Does not gripe. Honey and Tar wit 1. the most gratifyiDB sucoBSS. & r Yours tn.!v. J. C. BISHOP. M. U. accept no sucsïna-.e fú,i thbsh sp'-ensid medicines. These medicines art foiMlo fey i!te foiowirg first-class firms who are authorized to rttc-r, --.-- f rul ruwrantee -hi'-.i. Bassett & Hason, Anti Arbor, Lynch d Co., Manchester, Jtobert H. Killian, Tpsilanti, Will Curl'tt, Dexter, !s.JD Chapín, Salem, C. F. ünlerktrclier, Saline, F. W. Schoen, Manchester, M. S. Davenport, York, J. TV. Abbott, Whittaker, D. W. Cook Fulton, H W. Bailará, Willis, Dodge L Son, Whitmore Lake, G. C. Frye & Co., Emery, J T. Berry, Worden.


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