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It is said the city of Pittsburg now Btands on ground once given in exchange for a violin. An average worlcman usÍDg a Jacquard loom can weave fifty yards of Brussels carpet in a day. A building stone quarried near Norwich íd England in 1889 weighed thirtyfive tons, the largest on record. The musical horses are the latest attraction in Paris. They play sevcral musical instruments with their feet. M-assachusetts has one library to each 4,000 of its inhabitants, and a book and a half to each one of its peopleThree thousand four hundred and seventy new building-s were erected in Pittsburg duriug the year ending January 31. Drivers of heavily-loaded vehicles in Washington and Baltimore are compelled by ofncers of the humane society to walk up steep hills in order to lighten the load for their poor beasts. Sam Dodd, aged 8 years, of Kentucky is now serving a year's sentence in the psnitentiary for grand larceny. He is reported to be the youngest convict ever recorded in that state. Two-cent confedérate stamps recently carried a small package from Granby, Mass., to Boston. The package had gone through the postoffices at Granby, Hadley and Boston unnoticed. A Chicago shoe manufactory makes 20,000 pairs of "dead men's shoes" a month. The soles are of pasteboard, covered with grained paper, the uppers are quilted satín and crochet work and a ribbon tied in a bow knot holds the shoe to the foot. It costs the people about as much to pay for the printing of the eulogies of a deceased congressman as it does to pay the salary of a live one for a full term of two years. One week lately eulog-ies were delivered on six dead members, and the cost of printing them in handsome gift books will be not f ar f rom $50,000. The production of copper in the United' States ia 1S93 is estimated at 325,180,000 pounds, of which 107,200,000 pounds were froin the Lake Superior región, and 164,300,000 f rom Montana mines. The total is an inorease of about thirteen per cent over 1891. Exports diminished slightly, but there was a large increase in the home consumption, so that the stocks on hand at the close of the year were considerably less than at the end of 1891.


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