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Smiles And Tears

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General Patrick A. Collins remarles I that ' 'there is nothing substantial in fanie unless you have got a bank account to support it. " James Gibson, who flred the first gun at Fort Sumter, is still living at Erie, Pa. He was a soldier in the United States service for many years. There are no undertakers in Japan. When a person diesit is the custom for his nearest relatives to put him in 3 coflin and bury him, and the mmrning does not begin until after burial. The Japanese for good morning is "O-hi-o. " A Buckeye who was tra veling over there wrote home that the only one of our sta tes the Japs seemed to know any thing about was Ohio. Negro graves in the far South are sometimes curiously garnished with the bottles of medicine used by the departed in their final iUness, and the duration of the malady is easily guessed by the number of bottles. There is a mourner's corner in one of the cloak rooms of the national house of representatives and another in the senate cloak room, where the disappointed and disgruatled congregare to express their dissatisfaction with the existing order of things. There, it is averred, statesmen gather to sit with the corpses of their dead hones and ambitions. Au eigliteenth century tombstone in the o!d Catholic burying1 ground at Concord, Mass., prcrves that the best intended epitaphs may with the lapse of time takeon an ironical signifieance. The stone stands avvry, is fast crumbling1, and shows the diseoloration of a century's xposure and neglect, but it still bears in legible zliraeters this now incongruous inscription: "This stone is ereoted, by its durability to perpetĂșate the memory, and by its color to signify the moral character of Miss Abagail Dudley."


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