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The first public library in ome was founded 167 B. C. At Cherbourg-, France, au electrical canoe is in operation. The fámous church of St. Sophia, in Constantinople, now a mosque, was beg-un A. D. 532. Oriental gardeners produce "changeable roses," which are white in the shade and blood red in the sunlight. Otto Seibling of West Scio, Oregon, who recently killed his wife and Mm' self, had been rnarried three times and his wife five times. One of the most extensiva concerns in Maine has been experimenting on an ingenious process of 'burning lime with oil instead of with wood. A Paris toy merchant bas brought out a noveltj in the shape of a dolí, wearing a Panama hat. On pulling a string the hat disappears and its place is taken by a convict's cap. Some one has computed that the college endowments of Massachusetts foot up 5:10,050,000. The buildings an3 grounds are worth 85,013,000, while scientific apparatus of all the highei institutions is worth SI, 020, 00. A Philadelphia architect contemplates the erection of a building whicli will be a complete village in itself. It will include stores, telegraph and telephone offices, a cafe, reading and consultation rooms, wine cellar, Turkisls bath, gymnasium, swimming pool, billiard hall, assembly room, public and private parlors, kitchen, laundry and offices. The engraved eggs that are exposeó for sale are very puzzling' to those who do not know how easily the engravinji is done. The writing1 is done on ths shell with wax or tallow, and then the egg is soaked in a weak dilution oJ some acid; even vinegar will answeï the purpose. The shell is eaten amj by the acid wherever not pi-otected by the wax, and the appears iij bold relief. The art was discovered iii England about 200 years ago, and thv inventor carne neav being burned for sorcery, as he tried to pass off some oí the inscriptions for propheoies. The coal-miner ís generally above his business after hours.


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