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Folly On The Wing

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Strang-er, to Pat, drinkingf Apollinaris - How does it taste, Pat? Pat- Faith, it tastes like as if my fut was asleep. Attorney, to witDess - Do you know the witness whof preceded you? Witness - Yes, sir. Attorney - What is his reputation for veraoity? Witness- He's a peddler, sir. Regg-y - I hear there is to be a dreadful rowin society. Cholly - Yes, Miss Cholmondeley is about to sue Miss Montchesing-ton for alienating the affections of her pet pug1 dog. N. Peck - I'd have you know, madam, that I have as much right to vent√≠late my opinions as you have. Mrs. Peck - But, my dear, your opinions don't need vent√ľating. They're all wind, anyway. Judge - At how mu,ch do you value the boots that were stolen from you? Witness- They oost me twenty francs when new; then I have had them soled twice, that makes ten francs; total, thirty francs. Mand y - Silas, we don't know nothin' about the sufferin' among the poor until we read the papers. Silas- What have you found? Mandy - Why, right here they're offerin' to sell undressed kids at so much a pair. Kattie, at the play - I see three days go ,by between the first and the seoond acts. Uncle Clover - Great Scott, Hattie! I thought it couldn't be more 'an one nig-ht. I'll have to go home an 'do the milkin' in the mornin' an' coaie back.


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