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The villaee of Bear Lake, Maniste county, bas been incorporated and notice of an election to choose village officers has been given. At Ann Arbor while practicing foot ball on the campus Warner W. Travis of Laporte, Ind., feil and broke the tendona and eartüage of bis leg. Sherman Richards and wife of Lansing were arrested and held for examination in the sum of $200 each on a charge of grand larceny. The complaining witness, William Edwards, charges Richards and his wife with robbing him of $40. Julius Eggert, the young man charged with shooting at a Flint and Pere Marquette train at Saginaw, bas been bound over for trial in the circuit court, living a bail bond for 8500 for his apnearance. Saturday, Oct. 21. Two thugs at Niles garroted an oíd colored man and robbed hira of $14. A Detroit chair manufacturer will establish a plant at Mouroe if the bonus is big enough. Some po tato buyers at Green ville dropped ft toy tarántula upon a seller's neck and scared him so that he ran to a drug store for treatment. He was positive that he had been bitten. Portland has shipped 1,000 barrels of apples this season already, besides a large quantity in bulk, and the winter fruit has not been sold as yet. Xo. 1 winter apples re worth Í2.50 per barrel in that market. The vineyards of Monroe county have produced over 2,600.000 pounds of grapes this season, of which about 1,300,000 pounds have been shipped and the rest consumed ftt home, larifely for wine. The average price realized was a cent and a quarter per pound. Monday, Oct. 33. The assessed valuation of Sanilac couniy's property is 87,300,373. The Grand Haven Shipbuilding company's sawmill was destroyed by fire the loss being $3,01)0. Washtenaw county has 21 murders to lts credit for the past year, Ann Arbor having nine, Ypsilanti and Dexter three each, while Sharon, Salem, Augusta, Scio and Saline had one each. Indications are that the narrow guage part of the Flint and Pere Marquette will be made standard guage the coming season. The section men have been ordered to count all the narrow guage ties. Hunters have commenced to assemble at the Montmorency county villages, and the ocal papers advise the farmers to keep their women and children out of the bush lest they be mistaken for bears or deer. People along the Sand Beach división of ;he Fliut and Pere llarquette railroad are kicking for better shippiug facilities. Hundreds of tons of hay are bemg stored along the tracks waiting for cars to carry it away. Tuesday, Oct. 34. Rev. C. I. Deyo has tendered his resignation of the pastorate oí the Congregatíonal church at Belding, to take effect at the close of the year. Last July a pug dog was seen worrying two cows m the pasture oí a farmer six miles f rom Bay City, and last week both of them died of hydrophobia. An Iron Mountain preacher takes his xts from the necessities of the city, and his sermons on street paving, water supply, electric lighting, etc, have fllled the church. Holzhay, the highwayman who held up a train near Ellis Junction a few years ago Bad robbed the passengere, now serving a lile sentence in the upper península prison, I has been made prison librarían. The Exchange bank at Climax bas decided to go out of business, and has posted a uotice to depositors to cali and take away their cash. The bank is perfectly Bolvent, and everybody will be paid in fall. Wednesday, Oct. 25. A new firm, known as the Otsego Buggy rompany, have purchased the stock of the Russell Carriage company of C. W. Edsell and vvill continue the business. A youth named Charles Marine was kicked on the head by a horse at Howard City, and so seriously injured that he is not expected to recover. The young people of the three Otsego churches- Methodist, Congregational and Baptist- have combined their forces and will have a course of lectures next winter. There are 22 persons in the insaue asylum at Kalaraazoo, and one in Ionia from Ingham county, and the total cost of their support for the past year was $2,382.18. Rev. H. E. Doesker of the Third Reformo! chnrch of Holland, declined the cali tcfthe Reformed church at Mihvaukee. He has novv received a unanimous cali from the First lteformed church at Kalamazoo. Thursday, Oct. 20. There are four mild cases of typhoid fever at Vicksburg, caused by dnuking impure water. Lapeer people are subscribing liberally to a fuud to secure the location of the home for' the feebleminded in that city. There will be a review of Company G, Third regiment Michigan cavalry at Whitmore lake Wednesday, Nov. 1. All members of that company are cordially invited. Rev. H. R. Williams, who has been pastor of the Congregational church at Clinton for the past seven years, leaves this week for his new field of labor at Richmond. The Clinton woolenmill, which has bravely witbstood the financial depression thus far, commenced working on threequarters time Mouday, owing to scarcity of orders. Eugene T. Van De Mark of Clinton has just completed a handsome catskin robe, for the manufacture of which 35 felines were sacriflced.


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