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Clinton has A new orchestra. Now is tlie time ti kill sparrows and get the bounty. The Manchester high school contqins fifty-five students'. William H. Ostrainler will start a flour and feed mili at Whittaker. Tlie ice company at Whitmore Lake is getting ready íor a l)ig harvest. Mrs. M. K. Crafts, of Grass Lake will plant an orchard of 500 peach trees. In some way the Ai-rus package to Whittaker must have gone estray last week. The winter term of school at Wliitmore Lake will be taoght by Mr. Stackable. Kempf and Bacon have shipped flfteen carloads of poultry trom Chelsea to the eastern markets. The Stockbiidge Sun anuounces that a rival paper may be started there, Two can starve where one can live. Millie, the Quadroon, is the title of a play the Clinton baseball club will put on the stage to capture the "spondulicks." Blosser of the Manchester Enterprise, is probably the first editor in the county to aspire to the luxury of electric lights in his private residence. John F. Spaford, of Manchester township, was in Chicago for business as well as for pleasure. He purchased 200 sheep, and the flock is now grazing on Spaford's fine farm. By the wa-y, Landlord Teufel, of Grass Lake, is not in partnership with Merchant Lord of that place. It was some other Teufel that was in partnership with Lord and a "Good Lord and good Devil" fiim it made. Somethiñg which is a rare instance in any place, and rarer still, inChelsea, occurred here last Sunday, when the wife oí our Congregational pastor filled her husband's pulpit during his absence. And she fllled it well, too, reading lier sermón with as much power as many who are more used to pulpit This is perhaps the most unique way any of the ladies of the C. E. will flnd occasion to earn their dollar for the cominer exDerience social.


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