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Hood's Cures

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After all_Others Fail Running Sore on the Face, Vinnle Davis Constantine, Mlch. "I cannot teil In this letter all that Hood's Barsaparilla has done for us, but can say this much: Our son Vinnie had a running sore on hls face, beginning on one side and moving under his chin to the other side. We tried every thing to cure it, but no help came, and for four long years lt conttnued, unsightly and very troublesome. Several persons urged us to give hlm Hood's Sarsaparilla, and we found that he imprOTed while tafcing the flrst bottle. We kept on Hood's ■■ Cures glving it to him untll he had taken four bottles. The sore has entirely healed up, nothing remalnIng but the scar, which he will carry all hls Ufe. He is sound, strong and healthy, and we givo all the praise to Hood's Sarsaparilla." Mr. and Mxs. G. W. Davis, Constantine, Mlch. Hood's Pulsare prompt and efficiënt, yet tasy in action. Sold by all druggists. 25c.


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