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THE ELIXüñ OF YüWHí Ir I ïïp IJUApfh 1 ÏUinfl e - T ' blilHU .' rijjIÈ' -ÏSSr ÏT ïtisnotifyon aro not In possesslon of tre ft5i JKL0-íc5iiiSW "v" ''''S fecultles for enjoylng It. We otfer to the lfmlfcfik"$SÊ&Êltli v '1l%fti ' public atrueand irusty ïemedy, tb 9 iíbraífeSjT tóSMK A posltlve, speed?, safo o.nd reliadle =-cleTitlfl? Si'l SbSíwKÍíIíbSSoÍMkiT ' 'rom tl'epiescripuonofaGjrnianp ,yii;:uu sWOTSH 3ffláBSÍ& ahuses so comnion in this ajip. f i;.iivo io5Vïg%!iar?Sr&S' EmlBsloiiB and all Seminal W i ■ ' muirti ii n_ iSPSE=ac=' lih normrnes, but ta%e on li!fi ■. in) --.;:uii ntals of the wouderful results produced by ihis elixir, wliiu)-i wtibie uuluo,ü. , thovor appüoation ol anyoue requiring sucii a mediciue. BE A MAN ACAIft. We charge no exhorbitant priee, nor do weofferyoua quaek uoutrnm.but a Uiritimatí and sclentlflo prcparatlon, whicü will surely do all we claim lor It. Tbe üüiiir is piu up In 4 oz boit lts, and retails for $1.00, or 6 for $5.00. ïhis vi-.luable remedy will bo fouud nn 'gale by all leadlng drueglsts. Eacü druggist has on file sworn testimoniáis ol thewonderiul curea Vroduoed by this Elixir, and the proprietors con&dently refer all in need of it to them. The Germán Hospital. Remedy Co., Grand Rapids, Mich.' For Sale by all Druggists.


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