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"- "- Ought to be I W smaller - the great, griping, old-fashioned pill. Cxí? There's too much r V unpleasantness 1-#;S for the money. mWZ W1 ter, too. They're li'i'ifv (f x big enough, and v' 1 maketrouble enough, to do more good. That's just what Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets do,- more good. Instead of weakening the system, they renovate it; instead of upsetting, they cleanse and regúlate it - mildly, gently, and naturally. They're the original Little Iñver Pilis- the smallest but most effective, purely vegetable, perfectly harmless, and easiest to take. Ouly one little Pellet for a laxative- three for a cathartic. Sick Headache, Bilious Headache, Constipation, Indigestión, Bilioms Attack, and all derangements of the Liver, Stomach and Bowols are promptly relieved and permanently cured. They're the cheapest pills you can buy, for they'rö guaranteed to give satisfaction, or your money is retumed. You pay only for the nood vou eet. It's a plan peculiar to medicines.


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