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Michigan Pntptt I " The Niágara Falls Route." I TIME TABLE (Reviscd) SEPTEMBER 24, LÍÜ'3 CENTRAL STANDARD TIMa. I -s - T5 ; - ir-. a í d : : L : a ■ --L 1833 : as "áSSS :SS2 : i ai 'SS :sn;:32 i a -ioico ! & as sg -sTaTi rt; i s Z S5?i-5LgsSSJ go ;a, : ; . !_w p o - .it-uj-oaj et- g cera :„.::: :_ m i i 1 iS S fia : : ; ; i g" _ SS : ;S3 : s ig i ■ i !sg Si i i i : a s Fs ' : i i a ia ::: ; ;ax o-a :; ín 8 i i ;S i !SS" o SSSSS : : SS FTTTTTiFl fiF "l S a i : i g S B8 : '. : : S wp.:;: :p.o & '::o. t S5 ; ;SS :S ÏÏ g8 ;SS : : ;g j5 meo . . ;oios ;o g m„ ;„rt ; : :NOÍ S 89 : : : : E9 a I SS : TH B 3 aa; : : ; :p. 3 3S i i a m gg : :g ; isg 3 1 ?SS : : : : :S z J' ! : : :t:o zl00 i i ■ i ig k SS ! B : a 1 sa : ril s wa : a:3aS' S SS82 85S3 i S 83 i : :j?S p lölO JOlCSDÍO ; -t_ 0000 ! OS' ss ss si a" = csp. ai 33 o. a oujoj-hS5 So-wcor-w55cc h a I ■ ! '! ''ï Z ó, :::;:.: ■; ijiMíJlji 'i jilJíNíh 1 Illifjl?!! illllillil O.W. RÜGGLES, ' H. W HATE8 Q. P. & T. Agent, Chicago. Ag't Aun tor. . Toledo n AnnarboIy _J n I --x T? AND U J _P NORTH MICHIGAN) RAILWAY. L-J - 1-J II % i ÍA S Howard Cv!_ V J?B AY CITY !f)SKEGON S' íitf Sf'GmAW I yffífflí - 5- hrcksonV l-lnrtA_ XdeJbpjJ.. I lili; TABLE IN EFFECT MAY H, 1893. Trains Leave Ann Arbor. NORTH. SOUTH. 7:15 a. m. 6:45 a. m. 12:15 p. m. 11:45 a. m. 4:15 p. m. 9:00 p. m. Sunday Trains.- North, 9:15 a. m. South, 6:45 p. m. Note.- Sunday train runs between Toledo and Jet. only. Leave Hamburg Jet. returning, 6 p. m. One fare for round trip on this train. Trains run between Ann Arbor and Toledo only. W.H. BKNNETT, B. 8. GKEENWOOD, G. P. A., Toledo, Ohio. Agent. WALL PAPER! WALL PAPER. OP ALL The Newest Designs ! PRICES THE LOWEST AT - - OSCAR 0. SORG, THE DECORATOR, 7O S. HVE-AinST ST. - - I rflPMTELEGRAPHY F II 11 11 Wanted Young Men t-j learn kbnilll Telegraphy in Our Offices and beoome Expert Operators. The Ooly Co. taking student. Wrlte CITY TELEGRAPH CO., Owosso, Mich. THE EBERBACH- , HBUG AND=u CHEMICAL CO. AKE MAXÜFACTURERS Oí' THE FOLLOWINO AKTICLES: Glycei ine with Lavander for the hands and face, 25c -per bottle. JPearl Tooth Wash, 25c per hottle. Toiletine for the Complexión, 5 and lOc'packages. Bloom of Roses for the Complexion 5 and 10c packages, Iiair Jlestorer, keeps the hmr f rom falltng out. 75c per bottle. Ha ir Dressing, 25c a bottle. Flavoring Extracts, all kinds of our own malee in bulk. We ffuarantee any of the above preparations of our make to nive perfect satlsfaction dr inoncy refiiinlucl. V( fcp] safo in making tliis guai'antee, as the artkües where used liíivc írivcn the best of satisfaotion. In case you are lm need of anythlng 11 the or Drujigisis Suüdrlea lino. Please tvo us a cali ;i ii (1 be convinced that our and Koods will Btand comparihoa witii any in the city. DEUÖ AND CHEMICAL CO.


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