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Adrian Press Washtenawisms

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Milán still continúes to boom. A new sill has been chucked under the oíd blacksmith shop on Tolan street. The Birkett postoffice in Washtenaw has made an assignment and gone out of business. Dexter is the principal assignee. The really popular girl always knows a lot. - Dexter Leader. And the way she shows she knows it, is by not telling it. A large globe has been purchased ■ by the Bridgewater school i ties. The school there seems to want the earth, with Jackson park thrown in. There are 85,782 volumes in the University library, and i6;ooo unbound pamphlets. - Argus. Is this inclusive, or conclusive of the epics of E. F. Johnstone ? Ray Gould recently lead the Normal school prayer meeting, and spoke of "neglected opportunities." I Had Ray been Jay, the world would now be on its feet asking what opportunities he ever neglected. ■ A new football team will be organized at the Normal, if enough athletes who are not already wearing wooden legs, as badges for the past master's degree, can be discovered. Jacob Polhenus, an Ann Arborite since 1835, celebrated his 82a birth day last week. He is one of those sturdy píoneers who remember when they used to shake down the butter nuts by simply buttoning about a tree, the coat of a man who had the ague. It is suggested that it would be a good thing to change the law so that a jury could render this sort of a verdict: "Guilty but not Proven." It would often save jurymen many a weary hour. - Ann Arbor Courier. Or in lieu thereof, "Not guilty but don't do it again." Christopher A. Masón, aged 79 years, stole $1,000 worth of horses and buggies from Washtenaw parties and a horse in Fulton county, Ohio. The frisky oíd sinner has begun a five years sentence. He would have received a longer 1erm, but the judge didn't wish to keep death waiting for him. Mrs. Ormiston Chant says that Americans dont seem to realize that the scenery in America is equal to any in Europe. They havent been over Cedar Bend avenue then. - Ann Arbor Argus. Nor Rattlesnake prairie, nor Wildcat swamp, Lenawee county. Strange how Americans shun the beauties of America. Bryant, the brute who baked his wife on a hot stove, near Ypsilanti, and was chased to a swamp, has unfortunately escaped. He succeeded in sneaking from his damp retreat, sold his horses and slid for Canada. Mrs. Bryant may not secure vengeance on hira in this world, but it is trusted that the Lord, on her behalf, will see that reciprocity is carried out in the next. Of the 368 persons jailed in Washtenaw during the year ending September 8 last, 11 were women. Two got drunk and were around in their shirt sleeves, wanting to fight, just like a man; two had stolen, two were truants, two kept gilded sinks of sin, one had received stolen goods, one had received stolen goods, one had hopped her board bill, and one was crazy. "This court is not a theater!" sternly remarked Judge Kinne, the other day in rebuking a spectatorial titter. A court may not be a theater, but it is the scène of a rank farce. Still there should be "order in the court. " The late Judge Wilson, of Lenawee, once fined a man $20 for misbehavior in the court room, remarking as he did so, 'Til show you, by - sir, that this court has some dignity!" It is strange what an effect just plain, simple water will exercise on the human system when it mounts to the brain. Instance, the Northville Record: Hurrah for the Plymouth water works ! They have got here at last ! The water reached up town at about 10:45 m- Wednesday ! Great j :itement prevailed ! Further ' ulars will be given next week ! ' IVhoop ! Hurrah! Tiger !


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