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IS YOUR ELOOD IMPERE ' f,-3 you ufrerinR from any Kldney or Female Compiaintï have yju a Cougn, Coid or any disease of Throat, Chest or LLmt;s ' Í-- your Liver performingr its functlons properly? If you havo any of ie compiaint? it wlll certainly pay you to try the medicines mentloned below, which are warranted. A REMARKABLE CU,Rc] m --, Messbs. Foley & Co.. Chicaso. ÜtliC ZSai'Saparilla Gentlemen :- I had a seroftdous taint of the blood from cnildhood. An ulcer began on the sideof thenosü, having all the uppearaiuvs of e. The ITIOSt DOWerful BlOOd most maligrnaut cáncer, became abcmt the siz;: of a silver dollar and ezuded a thin, offenfcivo Cleanser. ter. The agony of miud I suiïered cannot be described asi contomplated tbe progress of the úisease. I was induccd to try tho Clinic Sarsaparilla ; it appeared to neutralizo tbe poisou in tbc ". fy. blood, the ulcer ceased. The diseased tissues S Tcf L AmiC V liltlfV tvliff in the bottom and odireB of tbi TiSwm seémed to JSC "'" .lUlICy VUrC loosen and the natural ñeoh to take its place. Thus the cure continuod until an pvrn emfaoe XAcirriin+AH -fnr all k'Mnair remained. No part f tho diseaso remaius. warrantea lor all Mdney Mks. H. B. Ar.AMS. rrimnlain+c 1B03 WahHsh Ato., Chicago. UOmplaintS. SUFFERED 27 YEARS. Mr. G. A. Stillson, a merchante! Tampico, Di., writes, August lotb, 1S91: T . , IJf , T ME38HS. foley & co. . lolev s lioneyand ar Gentlemen : - our Kidney Curo is meeting " ■with wonderful success. It bas cured some C rmrrVi Qrtr cases here that physicians prouounccd incurvUUU ojrUp able. I, myself, am able to testify to its merits. My face to-day is a living picture of health, and ... , , _ your Kidney Curo has made it such. I had sufWarranted the BeSt. fered twenty-seven yoars with the disoase, and to-day I feol ten years youngor tban ï did one yearago. Icanobtain siime wonderfal certificates of its medical qualities. what a. PHi'siciAN says. polev's Family Pilis Agnew, Ottawa Co., Mich., Feb. 14, 1393. Foley Sc Co., Chicago. r ' it j ■ Gentlemen :- PieasesendrAosis dozen Honey rOr COIlStipatlOn, Headand Tar at once. 1 vi!l jaáy that witïiin the , j ri past two months I have had rhree r tour cases acne and BlllOUSneSS. of Pneumonía, in i'li of wiii'T. I hiivp vsoá vor.r -. , Honey and Tar with the most ra tifyirfr ?oéoas. Does not gripe. Yours trniy, J. C. BiSHOi . M. D. AOCcPy KO SUÍ32TlrUTe FOR TH23S SPLENDID MEDICINES. These iModoiv:es ere far sé! by iho foliowing first-class firrnj who are authovized to rcoo.v.% - !' giid vjusrantee Üif.T Bassett & Mqrnon, Ann Arbor, JLynch & Co., Manchester, Robert H. Killiart, Ypsilanti, Wlll Curltt, Dexter, ■". D. Chapín, Salem, C.F. Unterkircher, Saline F. W. Schoen, Manchester, M. S. Davenport, York, J. W. Abbott, Whittaker, D. W. Cook, Fulton, H. W. Ballard, Willis, Dodge & Son, Whitmore Zake, G. C. Frye & Co., Etnery, J. T. Berry, Worden.


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