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Electricity In A Fruit Tree

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The peculiar action of the electric current is sometimes very interesting as well as aniusing. Mrs. M. E. Thompson, who resides on Williams avenue, Upper Albina, went into her yard the other day to gather same plums. The first one she touched gave her an electric shock. Again she tried to gather the pluins, and every time she touched one she received a strong shock. Unable to account for the occurence, she called in a neighbor, and she went through the same experience, and not a plum could they get. Mr. Menfee was called, and he started toward the place where the ladies were standing and came in contact with a clothesline full of clothes. In attempting to separate the clothes so he could pass, his hands came into contact with the line, and he received a shock that knocked him down. This led to ' investigation - made with great caution - and it was discovered that the electric light wire connected with the house was broken and had fallen across the clothesline, one end of which was attached to the llum tree. The line and clothes were uatnp and formad a good conductor. Also wheu a plum was touched a circuit was


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