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A Quick Recovery

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The doctor of a hospital ship complained to a visitor of a lazy colored man whom he could do nothing with. "We don't like to throw the rascal out, but it ie easüy seen he is only shamming." "Well, doctor," said the visitor, after a little reflection, "lend me a few yards of string and that nigger will be miles away bef ore night." He got the twine, and putting on a melancholy air he went to the darky's berth. "Very bad?" he said. "Yes, massa," replied Sambo. "Drebful sick." The visitor made no f urther remark, but placed one end of the twine at his head and drew it slowly - very slowly - until it reached his toes. Then he measured him across the chest. The fellow looked the picture of astonishment and terror and gasped: "What dis for?" "My poor fellow, the doctor knows you are not going to recover, and it is only an expense keeping you here without any chance of doing you good. I have just been taking yoiir measure" - here he lowered his voice still more- "for a coffin. We'll bury you with honors toinorrow. It's the custoin here in a case like yours. 'Tis best for all hands, you know." No one knevv how or when the negro got clear of the hospital ship, but there was no trace of him in the mornine. -


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