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Horace Boies Defeated

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Des Moikes, Nov. 8. - The election in Iowa will go down as a Republican lands,Jide. The gaina average about 6 to the precinct. Beturns as to Prohibition and Populist votes are too scattering to base good estimates on. Prohibitionists w├╝lrobably not poll over 12,000, doubling their vote ot last year, and the Populista 25,000, showing a gain of only 5.000. Chairman Blythe of the Republican state central committee claims the election of the whole Republican ticket by upwards of 35,000. Chairman Fuller of the Democratie committee concedes election to Republicana by probably 20,000. In legislativo districts Republicans have made many gains and are now certain of working majorities in both honses, assuring a Republican successor to Senator Wilson. Governor Boies home ward in Waterloo gave Jackson, 216; Boies, 155; a Republican gain of 71. Jackson's majority in the Rtate is slightly greater than that of the remainder of the Republican ticket.


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