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Real Estate Transfers

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Furnished by th Washtenaw Abstract Conipany. Office witl) County Clerk al Conrt llouse. FOHTHE.WEES KNDING DEC. 9. Joseph Follmer to J. .1. Strang, lots 2, : md 4: GHlberc's Eastern adcl. to Ypsilanti, 8600 Warren Cushman t.o Joseptiine Pierce, lot O, blk 16, Village oC Chelsea, $1.000. Jas. 11. Uach. to Louis Vj. Bruscli, lot 65, Miller"s add l Anu Arbor, $450. Amos Grav heirs to Orla C. Gregory, part of löts 9 and lo, blk 1 Dexter Village, $550. Louis Z. Foerster to Louis K.Foerster, 0 by 10 iocIs on Grove anrt Factory strëet, Ypsilanti city, $600. Louis Z. Foerster to Louis K.Foerster, lot on west sicle of Grove street, Ypsilanti city. Jas. L. Smith to Jacob F. Schairer, n e i of s e i of sec. 25, Lima, $1107.80. Mary C. Maybee to John Gabel, s i of s i of nwi sec 25. Augusta, $800. Ludwig Scherdt to Fredricka Scherrtt, land on sections 23 and 24, Freedom $3.000. Sarah E. BiinkerhoL'f to Brinkerholf & Allen, lot No. 11 of the s e i of sec. 5, Ypsilanti, $3,000. Emma A.Garty to Martha E. Easterly, land in Milan Village, $600. Chas. Kleger to Adam Chirap, land on eection 34, Lodi, $1,500. James K. Bach to Iliscoek, Noble and Glover, lots 4, 11, 19, 21, 54 and 59, Miller's addition to Aim Arbor city, $2,700. James 11. Bach to Chas. E. Iliscoek, lots No. 9, 26, 61, 14 and 47, Miller's addition to Ann Arbor city, $2,250. Jas. 11. Bach to Henry P. Glover, lots 6, 17, 32, 61 and 75, Miller's additiou to Ann Arbor, $2,250. Jas. R. Bach to A. L. Noble, 7, 31, 78, 15 and 38, Miller's addition to Anu Arbor, $2,250. Honroe E. Swartout to Adelia A. Swartout, a piece of land 4x8 rods on s w side of Packard street, Ann Arbor, $1.00. Ihoda Cummings to II. B. Casterline, land on section 15,.Scio, $250.