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1894. Azalia ia to have a tent of Maccabees. See that your correspondence is eorrectJy tlated. E. Frt-er is the leader of the Lima cornet band. Mis. Robert Kitchen, of Augusta, died last Friday of la grippe, aged 55 years. George M. Stecker, a Wliittaker merchaut, died Sunday moruing, aged sixty-eight years. Joseph Stapish, of Chelsea, while chopping last week, had his leg badly crushed by a fallhig tree. Mr. and Mrs. Peter McGlinn, of Scio village. )iave a bran new son and Deiinis Walker and wife a little girl. Dr. McLachlin, of Mooreville, is the happy pósaesBor of a fine new pacer. The Doctor takes 110 man's dust now when driviug. Glayton, Lambert & Co., of Ypsilauti, are putting in tuesteam heatiug apparatus at the new Normal School gymnasium this week. Clarissa Mitchell died at her home in Saline last week Wednesdsy aged 88 years. She carne to Michigan in 1873 trom Oneida county, N. Y. A poultry dealer, Francia Ilill, of Milan, shipped 12,037 lbs. of poultry í'or which lie paid $873.40, to Detroit last week. This must have been a fowl load. Prof. Ten Brook will prepare a paper to be read next June bef ore the Michigan State Pioneer Society, on the Early Germán Settlers in and about Ann Axbor." Mr. Bird Heatli, of Oakville, took out ii marriage license, Dec. 2öth, authorïzing the proper official to join him in marriage to Miss Addie Fuller. llev Ostroph did the deed. Wm. W. Osband, sou of E. E. Osband, of Ypsilanti, and Miss Adele Filkins, of (Joldvvater, began life last week as Mr. aud Mrs. Osband. Their home will be in Marquette. Perrin Brown, of the Model District an old aiid respected resident, and a pioneer of the vicinity, died last week, Wednesday. He had resided in the Model District for fifty years. Frank J. Hammond, postmaster at Whittaker, received a gold watch for a Christmas present. Served him right. He needs watching. A man who holds as many offices as F. J. must needs be on time. Miss Lucy Curtiss, of Saline, entertained Miss Dr. Chrsstiancy Tuesday and Wednesday, December 26 and 27. Dr. Christiancy has beeu a missionary in India and has but recently returned from that far-away-country. The following officers were elected at the annual meeting of the Ladies' Aid Society of Pittsñeld: President, Mrs. H. D. Platt: vice-president, Mrs. M. F. Case; secretary, Mrs, Jno. Ellsworth; treasurer, Mis. Andrew Campbeil. Bert Goodell and Miss Mary Gordon, ui Ypsilanti niade Christmas especially merry by getting married. The wellknown divine, Rev. Í3astiau Smits, officiated. The ceremony occurred at the residtnce of the bride, 14 Washington street. Edward P. Rogers and Miss Mamie E. Vought, of Ypsilanti, are now conducting business under the flrm name of Edward F. Rogers & Co. A large uumber of relatives and friends witnessed the ceremony. Many choice and useful presents. At the Methodist chureh in Chelsea tonight will be gíven a fine Sundayschool entertainment eonsisting in a portrayal of the life of Christ in soug and verse. The whole will be illustrated by means of a large map showing nis journeys. It will undoubtedly be very interestingJohn B. Kelsey, of Skidmore, Mo., a former Augusta boy, is at his old home visiting his sister, Mrs. W. E. Ward. Seventeen years ago he went west to grow up with the country, and this is his first visit to the old home sinee. In boyhood days ye editor used to match pennies with John B. Prof.W. H Cheever,formerly .Superintendent of the Lansing Public Schools, now Professor of Political Science in the State Normal School of Milwaukee. spent Christmas with his mother in Ypsilanti. Mr. Cheever was President of the Michigan State Teachers' Association for 1893. Deubel Bro's, the gentlemanly and genial Ypsilauti millérs, announced last week through the Sentinel that they would on New Year's day furmsh eighty sacks of flour to as many worthy families neeiling aid. This ís the kind of christianity that has the true ring. May their shadows never grow less. K. O. T. M. election, Saline: Com., D. A. Bennett; lieut. com., Sam. Josenhans; sargent. J. F. Avery; record keeper, VV. i). Mead; finance keeper. Gen. Burkhardt: master at arms, S. R. Crittenden; lst master of guards, W. Derindinf?er; 2d master of guards, T. Batty; pielate, J. Kyte; sentinel, E. Allen; picket, II. Gaumar. J. W. Mansiifld, is president, and Eber W. Owen, secretary and treasurer of the Ypsilanti Poultry association, which will hold its flrst exhibition January 8, 9 and 10. Among the exhibitors are C. W. Mansfield, Geo. M. Faudy, E. W. Owen, Chas. Mdntire and Beo Voorhees, of Ypsilanti, G. J. Nissly. of Saline, and Dr. D. P. McL,achlan, of York. For fifty-six yeai's Mr, and Mrs. D. VV. Palmer, of Bridgewater. have jogged along the pathway of life together. and last week their decendanUs and relativos duly celebrated the event by assembling tfcemselves together at Arthur Lowry's to do honor to the worthy couple. Here's wishing Mr. and Mrs. Palmer many returns oí the happy anniversary. For a year or more the Normal school has been greatly annoyed by various acts of petty thieving carried on by unknown parties. Books wers purloined and sold. pencils and other school belongings disappeared. The matter flnally culminated last week in the arrest of three boys, Eddie Worden, Stanley Mathews, and and another small boy. They were taken before Justice Bogar dus by whom Worden was fined $15; Mathews S5; and the small boy was let off on suspended sentence. This will undowbtedly end the trouble and should prove a j able lesson to the boys. Disaster seerns to have overtake" Will Wïard. of Ypsilanti town. He was proud possessor of a line Jersey heifer., which in its eft'orts to leain more of its surroundings, got into the wrong pew (stalt) and brojee its neck. Then a valuabíe liorse took a notion to explore the cellar, and in its efforts broke through the floor and hung itself ou a sleeper. The following are the offlcers for the ensuing year of Crystal Tent. Iv. O. T. M., of Dexter: Cora., W. C. Clark: Lieut. Com., W. Carpenter; E. K., D. D. Dixon: F K., O. Davis; Freíate. H. W. Newkirk; Phys., E. F. Chase; Sergeant, D. T. Wilcox; M. at A., H. W. Booth; lst M. of G.. J. Clark; 2nd M. of G., T. Haab; SentineJ, W. Ball; Picket, E. A. Nordman. Tecumseh is to have a Masonic Temple, three stores in heiglit. The task of securing the necessary dust has been committed to the veteran, John Ilicks. This insures the success of the undertaking, for John is to entlmsiastic a masón and has had to mucli experience in the lighting rod business to inake a failure of so easy an undertaking as the raising of $3,000 for a Masonic Temple. Dr. B. G. Boone. the new principal of the Normal School, read a paper before the State Teachers' Association, in Lansing last week. It was an able and scholarly effort and won for the Doctor many complimentary remarks from leading educators. He went from Lansing to deliver a lecture before the Minnesota Teachers' Assocition. Dr. Booue is in great demand at such gatherings. A. S. Hayden, of Milan, is 8aid to be considering the project of opening a brick aud tile factory at Kissinmer, Florida, the tile to be used ia draining the Everglades. A stock compapy has under cousideration a scheme" for draining this swanip aud converting it into a celery farm. The soil is said to be of the finest qualitj for this vegetable, and the climate such as to permit of its being grown the year round. A very pretty custom was inaugurated some years ago by the proprietors of the Clinton Woolen Mili. At the close of each year a complimentary banquet ■s given to all of the employés and this year, notwithstanding the hard times, was no exception, and a week ago Saturday, the animal supper carne orí' at the town hall. It was a very enjoyable affair, and at its close each departed for his home with the kindliest feeling, for all concerned the proprietors that they had performed a kiudly act making their employés happy, and the employés that their interests were conimitted to the hands of men possessed of such a kindly spirit.


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