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I THOMAS MOCHÍN. MAJOR W. A. SIMFIELD. Befora Truatmnt. Afier Xrsífcaeilt. Uefore Treatment. Aiter Treatmsnt. Nervous Debüity and Calan h Cisreci. Blood Disease and Dyspepsia Cured. Thomas Minchin snys: "I was reduce 1 tMajor öimfield says: "I had Dispepsia a nervons wreck-only weiglieu 1W j.oi:.. . and Catarrh of the Stomach for many ilie result of early abuso was ího ,-,, -. I years. To make mattere worse X contraed had the foüowins symptoms : Mwerakle 1 a Conetitutional Blood Mr mentally and phyöcally, melancholy, nervbone ached. Blotcheson the skin looked onsness, weaknese, specks botoro the oyes, horrible. I tried sixtoen doctor in ali dizzy, poor memory, palpitatjon of (he A friend recommended Drs. Kennedy heart, tiaehiníf, coldliands ;ind f eet, weak Kergan. I begantheirNewMethodTreatback, dreams and losses af riight, tirnd in ment and in afew weeks was a new man liiB morning, pimples on tho U'cv, loss of -with renewed lite and ambition I canatnbition, burnuiff eensation, kidneyswepk not say too much for those scient.ific docetc. Doctora coald not cm-e me; hntDi-n. tors who huve been in Detroit for fonrllBunedy & Kergan by their Uew Meíúoil tcon years. 1 converged with hundred of Ireatment, cured me in :■. fr-w weeks. 1 patiënte in thoir -uices who were beins weigh iiow 170 poipds. Ii is three years cnredfnrdi&eat itiseaBes. Ireconunend gince I hare faken their treatmént." ihem au honeat and reliable Physicians." Drs. KENMEDY & KERGAN The Celebrated Specialists of Detroit, MIoh. fcj UstMI Hfïü UU!lM!lLL IU ÜunC somption Ost and 2nd stages); IK Kheunintism: Nearalgia; Nervous, Blood and Skin dinrates; Stomach and Heart disfü enses; Tapeworm; Piles; EDprnrei Impotency; l)eafnts: JJieeafes of the liye. Ebt M Nosa and Itroat; Jüyilepsy; Uiscusee of the Kidneye and li ladder; Errorsof Yonthj R rauins Manhoot.; DiNeuses of (1:0 ;y.)l Ürgans: Fi-male Weakness; Diseases of Men and Women, aud l uronio i general. ïhey cure when others fail! M i3r-oxr,Y(ríAi;i.i:c.'..--Ks rb taiíj:vfor trfatmext Their muw mPTUftn m TI!F (,TM'''i' k :i"v" tl:" v-'"1(i '"■'■''■ '■ cnring rtiseasea of every i"" fllfililulj H , ., , nature t ut lia bafllod hrrctofore the medical profession. Theyarenot famiW doctors - thry make n specialty of Chionic and difficult diseases. "S ra FilSQFAFQ Ar MFN The-V enarantee io cnre all Weakness of Men arising (M UlOL.I-iOL.0 ji I IL11. frem solf abose, latr excpsst-s or disease. Young ■ man, yin il. :] I !,, ilrp. K. í K. Tvi'J enró yon. Yon niiiy liave ix-en treated by a Qaacks- consnlt Bcienfific i'w'o.s., r.o pay. t ousnlt them. i HKF AÍF OFVeT'ÍFW V;l'y "nLfcr in dlezce? They oan curo yon. ft UloLP.iLu :l VrvrfEI!". l ,male Woakness. Barrenness, D Displacmcnts. Iríarilsrl y. :r! ; ,; r-j poriods curcd in a 6hort time. i lienewcd viiality give . Illnstrated s% ok lf'roo. lnclose stamp, I QPFTIAS fiïQT-'AQF SprriratorrhCM, Vtricocele, Oleet, Unnatural I 13 F L Vil AL. litdl .fí.J-O. IU ciiorp-es, Private dbeases, Stricture, Syph! lila, and all Blood distases a íuíWikI cutid ur no iy. U jears in Detroit - 150 000 R cures- Nationul repntaitior. i ■i.-Jiniiou free - Ñames confidential. lf ■ nnablo to cai!. v.-riti for e lift of cjtiorfiand advice tn t. ■ DRS. KENNEDY C: KERÖAN, i.;3 Shelby St., DETROIT, MICH.


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