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The year that has )ust taken lts departure has been, from a business point of view, one of the most trying in the history of the country, and its close finds trade of all kinds at the lowestebb reached since 1873. Business has been upset for months and ruin has come upon thousands. Other thousands are in enforced idleness and are subjected to the humiliation of receiving charity. Deprivation and want are borne silentlv bv manv who are unwilling to become the recipients of outside aid. The whole record of the year has been deplorable to a degree seldom witnessed; but the f act remains that faith in the prosperity and onward march of the country has not been destroyed, if confidence has been teraporarily shaken. At the present time there are many evidences of returning perity and progress, and reasons for ■ believing that 1894 will prove to be a bright year. The era of extravagance in business and living, due in a degree, at least, to the prodigality in governmental expenditures and vicious legislation, has been brought to a close, and has been succeeded by a period necessitating the most rigid economy. Confidence which suddenly departed last summer is returning, the surplus resulting from over production is being rapidly consumed, and the necessity of prodiction keeping pace with consumption opens the way for profitable industry. Mills and faetones which have been closed down are starting up again, and those who have been in enforced idleness are finding employment. AVith the abandonment of the policy which brought the country into these deplorable straits, the enactment into legislation of measures now pending in Congress timidity and doubt will vanish. With the suatute books purged of class and paternal legislation, with revenue laws based upon sound principies; with the element of instability removed from the currency of the country, the indomitable push and energy of the American people, coupled with the ardent desire for a Happy New Year, can be depended upon to rapidly repair the losses of the past twelve months and carry the country forward to a new era of progress and prosperity. There is every reason, therefore, for confidence in the future.


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