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Christian Schlenker has a new boy at his house. : Mr. and Mrs. Henry West have moved to 91 Broadway. Johnson Tent installed its officers on Wednesday evening. J. R. Golden has bought out the Ann Arbor Novelty company. The Ypsilanti motor car got off the track at the junction, yesterday. The Educational club met with Mrs, Pusey Moore, Tuesday evening. In five days last week $26,458.82 taxes were paid into the city treasury. The sewer to date has cost about $20,000. This includes most of the material. The board of school trustees audited $910.27 worth of bilis, Tuesday night. W. F. Bird read a paper before the State Horticultural society at Lawton, Friday. Miss Margaret Potter and Frank E. Sutton are to be married next Wednesday in Detroit. There were ten funerals in this vicinity during December of people over 70 years of age. The Michigan Furniture company has a stock of over 750.000 feet of hardwood lumber on hand. The January meeting of Ann Arbor Typographical Union will be held next Monday evening. The Presbyterian bell rung out the old and rung in the new year at midnight, last Monday night. Prof. C. E. Greene and Prof. J. B. Davis have been elected directors of the State Engineering society. Herman Hutzel has purchased the Ann Arbor Brick and Tile Works, which are located at Leiand. Evart H. Scott has been elected treasurer of the State Horticultural Society. Evart is bound for Honolulú. Mrs. Julia Pistorius, mother of Frederick Pistorius, of this city, died in Saginaw, Tuesday, aged 84 years. During December the city treasurer collected $42,350.72 in taxes, leaving a little over $20,000 yet to collect. The Washtenaw County Agricultural Society meet in the supervisors' room at the court house, tomorrow. Mrs. Mary A. Shadford, of Broadway, was taken with appoplexy while attending the funeral of Walter Sharpe. Andrew Jackson, colored, died at the Washtenaw county house about ten days ago, nearly a hundred years of age. Henry Stoll broke his wrists last week by falling from a platform, while plastering the nevv store of Mr. Taylor on Vashington street. Night yard-master Benninger, of the Ann Arbor road, hadthemiddle finger of his right hand crushed while coupling cars, Friday night. There were 1,500 patients admitted to the University hospital during the year of which 11 50 were discharged cured and only 14 died. Fred A. Howlett has sold his interest in the livery firm of Robinson & Howlett and bought the interest of Barcus in the Washtenaw Abstract Co. Frank L. Wright, who came to this city about a year ago from Winfield, Kansas, removes with his family to that city the first of next week. Coroner Clark received among his numerous Christmas and New Year's gifts two seedless oranges that measured 11 inches in circumference. Edward Oram, for many years in the county house, died there last week, aged about seventy years. He was a resident of the city of Ann Arbor. Dr. Nancrede lost a valuable horse this week. He had bought the horse in Indiana and had it shipped to him. The horse died while on the cars. E. A. Tinker, recently of Jackson, will open up in the store recently occupied by the Two Sams with a merchant tailoring and gents' furnishing establishment. Wadhams, Ryar. & Reule have inaugurated a stunner of a reduction sale, and all our readers sflould examine their half page ad on the opposite page. It is a great time of the year to break into ice houses but S. B. Nickels' ice house on Hill street was bjoken into Monday and ice and ice tongs stolen. Lloyd Austin, a twelve-year-old boy, broke through the ice while skating on the Huron above the Argo mili dam, this week, and narrowly escaped drowning. Christian Dieber has been arrested by officer Schall for stealing a diamond ring and a pocketbook from Joe Parker. His hearing will be before Justice Bennett. i Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Weeks, of Broadway, were surprised Monday night by a large party of friends who carne to celébrate the fifteenth anniversBry of their marriage. The Forest Hill Cemetery association held their annual meeting Tuesday and elected William P. Stevens, Daniel Hiscock and Evart H. Scott members of the board of trustees. The congregation of tríe Presbyterian church Monday night elected James H. Wade, George L. Moore and Adam D. Seyler trustees of the church. Mr. Seyler was elected treasurer. The meeting of the managers of of the county fair yesterday adjourned for two weeks. It was decided to hold a fair in September. Hon. F. E. Mills was elected superintendent. The switch a't Miller avenue, on the Ann Arbor road was broken Friday night. It is reported to have been done by an unknown party with the intention of throwing the yard engine off the track. The Washtenaw Mutual Fire Insurance company now has $5,158,590 insurance at risk. It passed the five million mark during the year. lts interesting annual report will be found on our eighth page. The bill for the month of December allowed by the council Monday night amounted to $12,020.79, tne largest in the history of the city for any one month. Over $7.000 of this amount was allowed on the sewer. The annual meeting of the Washtenaw Mutual Fire Insurance Company takes place at the court house, Wednesday, January 10. The present officials have made an excellent showing for efficiency, and there is a general feeling that they will be re-elected. The jurors on both the regular and special panels were excused Tuesday night after the Pulver jury were empaneled and paid off. Most of them seemed happy to think that they were not called upon to serve as jurymen in this case. William E. Blackburn, of this city, seeks divorce from his wife, Stella, whora he married June 26, 1889, before Justice Butts. They have one child aged three years for the care and custody of which he asks. He charges his wife with desertion lasting since July 15, 1889, or from less than a month after their marriage. A very handsome diamond ring enameled with masonic emblems, was presented to President of the Council, W. W. Watts, by Washtenaw Chapter, No. 6, R. A. M., Monday night. President Watts had served faithfully for two years as high priest of the chapter. The presentation speech was made by Charles E. Hiscock. Four hunters went hunting on New Vear's day, one from Lodi and three from the fifth ward. They went well prepared for a big hunt, loaded down with all the necessary equipnients, and spent the whole day scouring both banks of the raging Hurón. They shot one rabbit, which they feasted upon on the spot, and although one of them had jot lost, they carne home feeling very happy. The Owl club filed árdeles of incorporation with the county clerk with the last days of the oíd year. The following constituye the" charter members: Ed A. Wells, P. W. Hertchen, W. R. Bliss, C. Comiske, F. C. Brown, L. B. Burgess, W. W. Rettich, Henry Weitbrecht, Hiram Kittredge, Fred Theurer, Charles Dwyer, Wm. Clancy, jr., Aug. W. Tessmer, Herman Graf, Elsworth Thomas, Hiram Kittredge. The obect of the club is to promote social intercourse among its members and to provide for them the conveniences of a club house. t The Ann Arbor Agricultural corapany held its annual stockholders' meeting Tuesdaymorning and elected the following directors: Evart H. Scott, A. L. Noble, Moses Seabolt, Fred Schmid, Eli W. Moore, Junius E. Beal and John Finnegan. The Harugari Maennerchor held their annual election on the night of January ist, which resulted as follows: President, John Mayer; vice-president, Mat Fischer; secretary, George B. Schwab; treasurer, Christian Gauss; steward, Louis Kurtz; color-bearer, William Vogel; music director, G. Kurz. The members and their families present enjoyed an excellent time, and the society began the new year under favorable auspices. At the annual meeting of the Ann Arbor and Lodi plank road company, Tuesday, the following directors were re-elected: George F. Rash, James H. Stevens, George E. Sperry, Nelson Sutherland, Henry DePuv, G. Frank Allmendinger, and F. E. Mills. The directors elected Mr. Rash president, Mr. Sutherland secretary and treasurer, and Mr. De Puy superintendent, which insures a good gravel road. Arbor Tenc, No. 296, K. U. T. M., held their annual election last! Friday evening and an exciting contest ensued over some of the offices. The officers elected were: Past commander, Sid W. Millard; commander, Charles Mills; lieut. commander, John O. Jenkins; record keeper, Wm. F. Stimson; physician, VVm. F. Breakey; chaplain. Thomas H. Godkin; sargëant, VVm. E. Allen; master at arms, Henry Marsh; ist master of guards, VVm. Schwab; 2d master of guards, O. B. Schaffer, sentinel, Chas. Colgrove; picket, Ed. J. Storms. Prof. A. TenBrook will give a lecture next Monday evening, under the auspices of the Inland League, on "The Early Methods of Travel and Transportation in this Country." A, graphic account of the net work of bridlepaths followed in early emigration from the Atlantic westward, as well as some description'of the movements of early caravans aud trains, will be given. The early methods of transportation in Central Europe will also be touched upon. General admission,ten cents. Season tickets to the Inland League series admit to this lecture. The assessment of Si on $r,ooo insurance levied September ist, by the Washtenaw Mutual Fire Insurance company has been collected and proved sufficient to pay all their losses previously incurred and the $1, 137.58 loss paid Mr. King, incurred after the assessment was made. This has been a bad year for insurance companies, the mutual companies catching it as well as the stoftk companies, so that the Washtenaw Mutual assessment was probably as low as any company in the state and its stockholders are to be congratulated on their good fortune. Treasurer H. J. Brown, of the comniittee to raise funds for the relief of the suffering miners of the upper península, reports tbat S4.54 in cash has been raised, besides ten large cases of clothing and a quantity of wheat and fiour. The money contributed includes $186 collected at the Mills meetings, leaving only $248 contribnted outside. This is nearly all froin the first, second and sixth warris, the other ward.s not being canvassed. Many of our citizens who have not been personally asked to contribute would be (ioing a kindly and humane act to send their subscription for this purjiose to Mr. Brown.


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