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r==flfc IN KlEWSPAPÉRDOMjft tew A (IrWr ) rJ Twice-aAVeke " s tlie new name ghf -i ro thu PsJé' J ifív Semí-Weekly Detroit Frce Press. The (-CC- My&iíj'í v.'eek" hus taken tlie placo oL tl ook" iVeekly eilition t " y ÍC which, alteran existeuco of ü, as disconlinued T Tt' 30;h' 1898' A weí'''dy P=-?or 3 do loiiger fully _: _ l i adequate to the requireinentsoí this prof,"-cssive age. '--r SaV. I jj The Free Press, first iu averythiisg, is tho fn-st to '-%xfcÍSXk Miáp vide foritsgreat host of readers a Week," Y -áÉP?lk -complete in every detail of the modern newspapcr,- at a price (S1.C0 a X I ÍPW year) hitherto uaheard of for an 8-page semi-weekly family jourual. Tliis f ïs indeed a ne.wspaper revolutiop - a revolution Üie benefits of which accrue j -whoily to the reader. The spirit of Free Pres3 enterprise is over alert to IJ promoto the interests iind welfare of patrous. v n U something to rememeer: 1 lst.- The Twice-a-Week Free Press eomprises 8 or more ""-i-i! pages and is published every Tuesday ánd Friday J morning in time for early outgoing trains. 2nd.- It is the largest and best Twiee-a-Week in America and eontains all the News, Markets, Literary Miseellany, etc, brought down to the hour of going to press. 3rd.- The Twiee-a-Week Free Press will eest cnly ONE DOLLAR a. year- 104 newspapers for $1.00. Did you ever hear of so liberal a propositicn ? 4th.- Take your loeal paper for local news and The Twiee-a-Week for general news. No other papers in the world will give you so mueh for so little inoney. tW THE PO3TMASTER WILL TAKE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION, or you can send it to DETROIT, MICH.


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