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Civil Service Examination

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The regular semi-annual examination for the grades of clerk and carrier in the city post office will be held on Saturday, February 18, 1894. Applications will be accepted up to the hour of closing business on Monday, January 22, 1894. The age limitations are as follows: For clerk, none under eighteen years of age; for carrier, from twenty-óne to forty years inclusive. The civil service commission takes this opportunity of stating that examinations are open to all reputable citizens who may desire to enter the postal service without regard to their politcal affiliation. All such citizens, whether Democrats or republicans, or neither, are invited to apply. They shall be examined, graded and certified with impartiality, and wholly without regard to their political views, or to any consideration except their efficiency as shown by the grades they obtain in the examination. For application blanks, full instructions, and information rflative to the duties and salaries of the different positions apply at the post office to Secretary Board of Examiners.


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