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Weak, Nervous And Diseased Men

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Thonsands of Younq and Mldrtle Aged Men are annnally swept to a premature grave I Bj through early indiscreti'on and later 'exceses. Helf abuse and Oonetitutional Blood IJ S DfWses have ruined and wrecked the life of many a proraising young man. Have you SS wv of tho folio-win? Symptoms: Nervous and Despondent; Tired in Morning: No Ambi Öon: Memory Poor; EasiJy Fatigued; Excitable and Irritable; Eyes Blttr; Pimples on SB fcöe Face; Dreams and Drains at Nlght; Restless; Haggard Looking; Blotehes; 8ore 'm 'Phroat; Hair Loose; Pains in Body; Slinken Eyes; LifeJess; Distrantfal and Lack of H EwBriy and Htrangth. Ünr Acw Meihod Trealtmnl will baiid you ap mentatiy, pnysicauy sa aud sexually. I m% 5S DRS. KENNEDY& KERGAN ïL m ' " At 14 yoars of age I learned a bad habit which almost. rnined i ífK i became nervous and weak. Sly back tronbled me. I coold ra C E? stand no exertion. Head and eyes became dull. Dreams and M ,lf drains at night weakened me. I (ried seven Medical Firma, ElecH JL -"-W; tric BeltB' Tatent Medicines and Family DoctorB. ïhey gave me H Sir sOÊÊÈ no help. A f riend advised me to try Drs. Kennedy & Kergan. They I vÈÊJrjyËÈ$i sent me oru' nioIltll's t-reatment antl it; cured me. 1 could feel H SNfep3 mys6lL gaining every day. Their New Meihod Treatment cures when B OírUn one müf aU ƒ!" They have cured many oE my frienda." % cis nuunjaim bstüdd. 7-" vr??K " Some 8 ypars aso I contractad a serions constitntional blood Sep Mm Sisease. 1 went lo Hot Spi'ings to treat for syphilig. Mercnry almost r nfjl killed me. Aíter a while the symptoms again appeared. Throat V- _ Tl fócame sore, pains in limbs, pimples on face, blotches, eyes red, yfj l loss of hair, glauds enlarged, etc. A medical friend advised Drs. f v&2& Kennedy & Kergan's New Method Treatment. It cared me, and I have " 'S nal no symptoms for five years. I am married and happy. As a "iategPL doctor, I heartily recomend it to all who have this terrible disease- Cnreu a yeareago. ypfiUis." it will eradicate the poison from the blood." rd 15 YEAPS IN DETROIT. 150.000 CURED. hBS "I ara 83 years of age, and married. When young I led a íms) a? SaJ Ufe. Early indiscretious and later excesses made trouble í "?t' 8O. W for me. I became weak and nervous. My kidneys became 4 ■ áH affected and I feared Bright's disease. Married Ufo was ansatisf, vjf7 ,{ '- factory and my home nnhappy. I tried everj'thing- all failed til! 2 -Jtf áíRSSi I took treatment from Drs. Kennedy and Kergan. Their Nsw v 'wHáfeÍ! Method built me up mentally, physically and sexually. I fee ■" )M-íy and act like a man in every respect. Try them." lJZ W No Ñames Used Without Written )Mff Consent of Patiënt. Caied xn time. f _ IVIA... UILiJ Tn(mnn4 never fail in curing Diseaaes of men. UUT IMeW MetnOCl I reatment Xt trengthens the body, stops all drains and losses, parifies the blood, cleare the brain, builds up the nervous and sexual Bystems and restores lost vitality tothe body. "We Guarantee to Care Nerrona Deblltty, Failingr Maniíood, Hyphills, Var icocele, Mtr Icture, Gleet, Vnnatural i Mcliar fes, Weak Parts and All Kidney and Bladder Biseases. nP'&ÜC&JDCTD Kennedy & Kergan re the leading specialiste oí K b iyi f" nfl K f K America. They guarantee to cure or no pay. Their repuIthlVI Hll llll tation and fifteen years ot business are at stake. Yon run no risk. Write them for an honest opinión, no matter who treated you. It may save you years of regret and suffering. Charges reasonable. Write for a Question List and ook E 'ree. Consult at ion I'ree q DRS.KENWEDY&KlBBAN.'gg


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