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Buffler, as a íamily name, descends frorn Beaufleur. Croker and Ciocker bad fathers who made eart hen ware. Bridge, Bridger and Bïigster were tolltakers at the king's bridges. Pedder, Pedderman, Pedinan and Pedlar had fathers who carried packs. Reynolds, Rynardson, Rankin are deBcendants oí Reynard the Fox. ■ Thacker was a man who thatched houses, and so gave a name to the Thackers, Thatchers and ïhackerays. Kemp rneant originally a soldier, and the Kempers, Kempersons and others of that Uk are bis desceudants. Taylor, Tyler, Smith and its compounds and various spellings, Carpenter and Ma! son are all trade names. Cop meant any prominence of land, and henee carne the Cops, Copes, Copleys, Copelands, Cobbs, Cobhama, Cobwills, Cobdens and Cobleys. Waters, Watson, Watterson, Watkins, Watkinson and some others are sons of a man called Water, because he lived on the bank oí a stream. Hurst meaut wood, henee residents in or near a wood bore the nam es of Hurseley, Hawkhurst, Hazlehurst, Ashurst, Elmhurst and the like. Hill cómes from an old English verb meaning to cover, or put a roof on; henee the Hills, Hillyers, Heulers, Heelers and even Heiman and Heelman. Winn, Winner, Winnower, Bolt and Boulter, Siver, Riddle and Riddler, Thrasher, Vauner, Farmer, Shovel, Shovelier and Showler are all names connected with the


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